A Secret So DARK 5K Page FOIA Request DENIED ENTIRELY!  Google’s Ex-Maven Must Be That EVIL!    

We have long know that Google’s Project Maven definitely did not fit their Don’t Be Evil slogan…no wonder they removed it.  Project Maven, from what we know, is the AI strike package software used on military drones to make them more accurate and efficient, killers…at least from what we can tell.  The Pentagon has assured we will not know much more than that because they have denied ALL 5000 pages requested under a recent FOIA filing.

This begs the questions, what is so evil that it requires a complete DENIAL.  Not even a few pages to whet the appetites of so many of us that want to know what our tax dollars are going towards supporting.  Just a little window into some of the uses.  Not asking to jeopardize National Security, but seriously, ALL THE 5000 pages denied.  Something doesn’t pass the sniff test on this one!

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