Month: August 2021

SHOCK AND AWE! House Calls To Review Invoking Of The 25th Amendment…But There’s A HUGE TWIST!

The House is reviewing the invocation of the 25th Amendment…with a HUGE TWIST! As they call for limitless amounts of information the January 6th events a full picture of what they are seeking takes shape. This is a witch-hunt with the goal of the full removal of the Republican party and EVERYONE involved. Until you understand all the elements of what their claiming, what their requesting and what their trying to do at the end of the ‘show trial’ you can’t understand the scale of attack they are putting down.

Busted! Reporters Just Caught Biden Doing Something That Should Be Of Grave Concern To Everyone!

As the events that led up to the botched Afghanistan ‘retreat’ takes full form, many more are waking up to an alternate reality they never wanted to admit possible. Billions of dollars of assets remain behind. The Administration knew more than they were letting on. And then, out of nowhere…Reporters notice something about Biden that should be of grave concern to EVERYONE. Did you see it? If not, tune in!