Month: May 2023

EXCLUSIVE! Disease X – Be Careful What They Wish For!

EXCLUSIVE! Disease X – Be Careful What They Wish For! Once you learn the history of what Fauci once warned the Trump administration of, and learn what Tedros is looking for as it relates to United States subservience to the WHO you will quickly understand the pieces of a never ending pandemic. But with all that said, we haven’t even touched on, until now, Disease X!

2 Tons Caused Oklahoma City Bombing NOW 30 Tons Just VANISHED! Authorities on High Alert!

A mystery is unfolding. It took only a little over 2 tons of Ammonium Nitrate to cause the carnage in Oklahoma City, but now 30 tons just VANISHED. We will walk you through the story of the missing explosive substance from Wyoming to California and what the ‘authorities’ are stating. Then we will walk you through prior disasters involving Ammonium Nitrate and the it’s absolute destructive power!