Month: May 2018

Do This Or Unplug! URGENT Warning To Every Man, Woman and Child

Please share this URGENT message wherever you can; the word needs to get out!

The time has come for every man, woman and child to realize what is happening on every screen they view…be it your phone, computer or television.  The messaging we are all being exposed to and the brainwashing techniques are beyond those ever seen before.  They are predisposition our youth to accept their new ‘master’ by assuring they are kept locked up in their rooms and away from society.  Don’t believe me, watch my broadcast and see…you will soon change the way you are doing everything.  I hope, in some small way, this message helps each and every one of you.

Teens Zombified By The Megalith Of Online Gaming – Fornite Revealed

In case your wondering why your teenager has turned into a zombie, locked off from the rest of the world only to occasionally be seen in a large pair of headphones with a life support wire hanging down one side and a cell phone in hand…it is all thanks to the gaming megalith of Fortnite!  Let’s enter this online gaming world for a few minutes and learn how and why this game has set records for subscribers and profits!  Welcome to the new world of gaming where social media and game play meet to create a new platform of communication and entertainment.