Month: October 2020

Tony Bobulinski Has Disappeared! Immediately After Tucker Carlson Interview And Senate Committee Confirmation Of Truth…He’s Vanished! PREVIEW

Where has Tony Bobulinski gone!? He’s simply vanished, like he never existed. Immediately after his Tucker Carlson interview and the Senate Committee confirming all the materials he submitted to be authentic, he simply disappears! He asked America to do something just prior to falling of the face of the earth and so we are going to honor his request. There is a document he wanted each of us to read…so we’ll do that, and maybe understand better why he just vanished and who exactly may be involved!

Caught On Tape! New AUDIO RECORDING Captures Hunter Verifying Exactly Why ‘The Laptop’ Is So Relevant!

If for whatever reason you still believe the Hunter Biden laptop to be irrelevant and non-verified…well, here’s the silver bullet needed to end any shred of doubt. In Hunter’s own words you are about to hear why it is the most relevant item in America today. That’s right, Hunter, caught on tape explaining why this story is simply the most important news story that’s NOT BEING covered by the MSM…but, that’s why you’re here…BECAUSE WE WILL COVER IT!

Oh No Joe! New Shocking Evidence From Hunter Scandal Shows Joe Biden Completely China Compromised!

Let’s start by being very clear, we are not and will not attack the love between a father and son. It is an unbreakable bond that should never be challenged. It does however sometimes come with consequences. As is the case in the Hunter and Joe Biden saga. As evidence mounts against Hunter Biden it is becoming ever more apparent that Joe did indeed have involvement in Hunter’s business dealings, although claiming the contrary. Unfortunately for Joe, new evidence is showing the the Chinese Communist Party, involved in many of the dealings, have racked up the most dispicable set evidence most could even barely imagine. If this is just the tip of the iceberg, as they have said there are over 10,000 photos and videos, you can’t help but to understand one simple fact. Joe is China Compromised due to the very thing we won’t attack, unconditional love. Unfortunately for him the consequences of those actions should cost him not only his ability to run for President but his very ability to be a free citizen of the United States.

Palantir – Did NYT Expose The World’s Most Evil Technology Or Simply Find A Convenient Sacrificial Distraction?

The technological world has become a very scary place. Google, Facebook and Twitter dominate not only the social media landscape but now can steer politics, social change and alter reality without you even knowing it. This has landed each of them in hot water but, to date, there has been little to no action taken to do a single thing about it. Recently however the rhetoric is again heating up as they have all been, again, actively working to suppress the Hunter Biden story and it appears ‘some people’ are upset. Well, you can always tell how damaging a story is by how much the Main Stream Morons try to cover it up or simply not cover it at all. As Google now finds themselves on the hot seat out comes a hit piece on what the New York Times frames up as being one of America’s most Evil Technologies. This tech is run by a Company called Palantir, no you didn’t hear me wrong. Named after the famous seeing stones in Lord Of The Rings. No matter the name, they never saw this coming…and their association with President Trump might just be there final undoing, well, as a sacrificial distraction in a media world that works to protect the sacred tech titans at all costs!

Election 2020 Déjà vu To 2016…With 1 HUGE Difference That Has Trump Grinning From Ear To Ear!

If you are watching the polls, the percentages and the politics of Election 2020, you’d swear you were having Déjà vu and straight back in 2016! There are so many parallels. Just take Joe Biden’s 10 to 11% lead (depending on what fraudulent poll you are seeing) about a month ahead of the election and you’d swear you were watching the main stream media report on Hillary Clinton’s 11 to 14% lead coming into the 2016 election. Early ballots favoring the Democrat candidate are also very much the same and can have you wondering if you are watching a repeat of the same old show. That however is if you don’t take into consideration one extremely important variable that is VERY, VERY different. A variable that no one could have seen coming and has Trump grinning from ear to ear!

BidenGate Confused? Who’s Hunter And Who’s The Hunted?! The Untold Stories Of The Many Sides Of An Election Year Saga!

If you find yourself confused about the saga we now call BidenGate, you’re not alone. It is, by its very design, now meant to confuse and cloud reality. Why did the FBI hold Hunter Biden’s laptop for so long and do nothing with it? How did the owner of the computer repair shop not know who dropped it off? Why is the Biden campaign now saying Joe didn’t have a meeting on his ‘official calendar’ yet not denying the e-mails implicitly. Why did the tech titans ban the story from being discussed? How did China make it into the mix and was there more than just one laptop seized? These are just a few of the many, many questions we will answer for you as we attempt to bring some clarity to a very confusing saga…this is all before the story turns very, very dark. If you missed who signed the original warrant to seize the computer…you missed another side to this election saga entirely.

Fauci’s Warning Demolishes America’s Most Beloved Tradition! Thanksgiving Is The New Horror Holiday!

Trick or Treat has now undergone a Thanksgiving take-over! Halloween is no longer the Republic’s scariest holiday. Thanksgiving has taken over the throne of the new ‘HORROR Holiday’! Do you know why? Well, by the time you’re done listening to Dr. FAUXi’s newest warning, the CDC’s updated Holiday guidance and the Biden, Kamala campaigns reaction…you too may be simply horrified to learn what is now happening to one of America’s most beloved FAMILY holidays. We’re sure you’re not surprised that another FAMILY event is being attacked, but you will be by how their attacking it!

Trump Goes Spygate Nuclear! The Most Monumental Treason Event In History FINALLY Reaches Boiling Point! Here’s Why It’s Different This Time!

Trump has gone absolutely nuclear! You are in the midst of one of the greatest treason events in history…yet, to date, no one has ended up in handcuffs or prison. The ‘draining of the swamp’ simply hasn’t happened. Time after time, we have been left disappointed by failed or fruitless investigations. That was until now…

Post-Pandemic OLD NORMAL Is All But Impossible! 3 Prior Pandemics Tell Dark Tale Of What’s To Come!

Many of you may be wondering, with Trump overcoming his brief battle with Covid, will he now allow us to go back to our ‘Old Normal’ or are we forever destined to live in this New Abnormal Authoritarian world? To give an accurate answer we need to understand the past. 3 prior pandemics tell a tale of spurring on permanent societal change; religious, monetary and class shifts included. Covid however is a much darker beast…well, at least those that believe themselves to be our rulers have steered it to be that way. Let’s review history to understand better what our future may hold. Hold on as we take our time machine towards greater understanding of why our freedoms may be lost forever.

What Happens Now!?! Will Trump’s Cryptic Words Change Our Covid ‘New Normal’ Future?

There were three words within the Presidential debate that no one could afford to miss. Three words that were more important than anything else they said the whole night. Three words that will haunt Joe Biden until Election Day. If you missed “Antifa’s An Idea” statement, then you missed the summing up of everything that is going wrong in America today which was completely evident by what transpired not only during the exchange but immediately afterwards.