Welcome to Truth Or Fiction – Classified!

This is where Truth and Fiction collide! Strange and unusual events are shaping our present and more importantly our future. Let me help you untangle the web of information surrounding the moments in life where you scratch your head and wonder if you are being given the entire truth or how you didn’t hear about it in the first place!

So much of the information we are given today is filtered, fraudulent or just plain deceitful. Why are we not owed the chance to know the real truth…why the fear that we can’t handle it. Stay tuned while we comb through today’s headlines and ask the question; Truth or Fiction?

The evidence is usually right before our eyes but a massive effort is underway to assure it is masked, hidden or lost forever. Stay open-minded and understand there are forces larger than any of us that we have yet to understand. The truth will always be revealed; just nobody knows when!

So today’s headline is….??!!


  1. Greetings
    Just watched you filling in for Lisa Haven. You’te doing good. Keep it up. You and your work is much needed. Christians like you, and Lisa H, and others keep me alive. Thank You.
    / Blessings and Best regards. Gunnar L


  2. Human experimentation by Department of Energy is so much worse than most people realize unless you are a Targeted Individual. So many people are suffering now from various government agencies programs, that August 29th will be the first day of awareness for Direct Energy Weapons ( DEW, ELF, MICROWAVE) being used on humanity. Please look up former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson and read his court documents on America’s Surveillance Programs and Gangstalking. I call it America’s Sanctioned Murder Program.


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