To you,

There comes a time in each of our lives when the noise and distraction of our everyday routine suddenly comes to an unexpected stopping point and what should be a well deserved moment of silence is quickly consumed by the unrelenting and unsettling sounding of the trumpets of confusion and unease of that which we are aware is happening around us but yet do not hold all the details necessary to truly understand.   It is the steps we take from this point that will make us great or leave us broken.

I have lived the highs and lows of life, I have cursed and I have apologized, I have drunk and I have been sober, I have hurt and I have helped, I have allowed ignorance and noise to consume me but yet come back to the light of knowledge and wisdom.  I say this so that you understand I take no pretentious stance on claiming to be better than anyone; I simply have made a choice to communicate and correspond…to listen and learn.

Join me in the pursuit of truth and knowledge to assure we maintain our freedom, liberties, scientific reality and spiritual purity with our eyes in perfect focus, our ears full of hearing, our mouths free with speech and our minds willing and able to accept that which we know and that which we have yet to understand.

Will there be mistakes, absolutely, will those mistakes be corrected so there is accuracy moving forward, absolutely.  This is a journey of discovery and understanding, we will travel many wrong paths before the true path to enlightenment of knowledge and wisdom is found.



  1. Greetings
    Just watched you filling in for Lisa Haven. You’te doing good. Keep it up. You and your work is much needed. Christians like you, and Lisa H, and others keep me alive. Thank You.
    / Blessings and Best regards. Gunnar L


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