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If you came for truth you found it!  These are the stories and narratives the Main Stream Media will NEVER cover and NEVER shed light on!  Deceptive and life altering events and forces shaping our present and more importantly our future. Let me help you untangle the web of information surrounding the moments in life where you scratch your head and wonder if you are being given the entire truth or why you didn’t hear about it in the first place!

So much of the information we are given today is filtered, fraudulent or just plain deceitful. Why are we not owed the chance to know the real truth…why the fear that we can’t handle it?  It is time to wake up as many as possible to the truth that lies in plain sight but is continually masked or distorted to assure you cannot see reality!

Stay open-minded and understand there are forces larger than any of us that we have yet to understand.   I will work diligently to uncover the truth, expose their schemes and bring light to the darkest corners of the agenda!

God Speed and God Bless!



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  1. Greetings
    Just watched you filling in for Lisa Haven. You’te doing good. Keep it up. You and your work is much needed. Christians like you, and Lisa H, and others keep me alive. Thank You.
    / Blessings and Best regards. Gunnar L


  2. Just discovered you on YouTube, I watched your video about deep learning and EHR bring used to predict your death, etc. I am in the health care field and have information and concern, after being directly involved, about something I see going on right now with Medicare insurance plans that seems to be flying under the radar that I believe ties into this or has other similar nefarious purposes but is labeled as such a good thing or benefit to the individual. I really want to sound the alarm and educate people who are being affected and led into participating unawares.


  3. Human experimentation by Department of Energy is so much worse than most people realize unless you are a Targeted Individual. So many people are suffering now from various government agencies programs, that August 29th will be the first day of awareness for Direct Energy Weapons ( DEW, ELF, MICROWAVE) being used on humanity. Please look up former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson and read his court documents on America’s Surveillance Programs and Gangstalking. I call it America’s Sanctioned Murder Program.


  4. Just came across your site. Keep up the good work.


  5. 28NOV18

    Caught your report on the UN Climate Change Report. I enjoyed it.

    The report is a literal ouroboros! It’s another government sponsored intervention doomed to failure justified by a compendium of the past failures of government sponsored interventions in natural processes.

    Human governments, no matter how well intentioned the organic structure seems, tend to devolve into what might be personified as a Procrustean ogre!

    Have a superlative day!


  6. China is also reaching outside of the country through teaching sites by doing facial and body recognition filming of foreign teachers who teach English online through agencies located in China. The interaction is through AI. One is constantly monitored, directed to smile more, become more physically active plus one must remain at all times in front of the monitor, sometimes for hours at a time, as in the beginning one may only have a single lesson/student, but after one is set up with lots of lessons, then suddenly they drop off, down to one or two, lots of sitting in front of the computer and eventually forced to quit so that teaching is free (to them). This is at least for one company I know of that has a good rating. They have 6,000 foreign teachers (outside the country), but only a top tier of 200. The bottom 5,800 are treated like badly, not paid in full on their first check, which they aren’t informed of at contract time, then suddenly teaching lessons drop quickly and many quit early, owing the company $400 U.S. and also not getting paid.
    Not 100% sure about the facial recognition and body part filming, but pretty sure, but I know for a fact they are being monitored and directed but not by human contact for sure. That is definitely AI. Just tried to add 2+2.
    Like your videos very much.


  7. PREACH it, my Bruthuh! and don’t stop! May our Lord keep you and lead you and bless you and yours always.


  8. I have watched Lisa Haven on You-tube for some time. Very nice lady. I have a story (e-mail) from1982 that is unbelievable from Paul. Call it a miracle! I have known Paul for some time. I linked your website from Steve Quayle many times. Keep up the good work and have a Merry Christmas.


  9. Hi Justus, thanks to you for your work and to Steve Quayle who links to your site! Greetings from Austria, God bless you (and Lisa, the Hagmanns, Alex Jones, Donald Trump and many more)!


  10. LOL I just entered your website address and low and behold I was told “the site does not exist” and yet here I am? But thanx to our good FIENDS at oogle, they helped me find your site. So what’s the difference between entering (justusknight.com) and (justusknight.com) you tell me? LOL God help these people as they just DON’T GET IT, they’ll never win but boy they keep trying don’t they? Nice place you have here, let’s have a look around.^_^


  11. Hi Justus, Keep up the good work. I enjoyed your recent video on the what we are born with, and thought I might share this well spoken Dr.

    Hope you enjoy and share. Tori.


  12. Cannot figure our how to simply donate (occasional small amounts) without being tracked . We usually purchase a bank order with cash and send by snail mail.




  14. I have something chilling to share with you . It involves me not being able to download your videos . I have a little attachment for my phone that allows me to archive videos onto an SD card. It has worked flawlessly for two years now… And suddenly I can’t download your videos. I have a video clip I’d like to show you. Apparently YouTube is also on to me … Theyare even stopping me from uploading a video about this! Dude this is some scary crap. Shoot me an email if you would please. I promise I will only contact you once… with the video.


  15. God Bless you keep up the good work as long as you can. Tony Lamb at: http://www.tonylamb.org


  16. I heard a couple of looters say that the looting is a form of reparations they deserve and they are taking things that should already belong to them anyway.


  17. Texas Doctor Reverses Coronavirus Symptoms in 100% of Cases With Inexpensive Treatment


  18. Hey Justus! We’ve been praying for you and Lisa for months, but will especially pray for her healing right now. Hang in there and may God give you comfort and strength in Jesus Christ. May the Lord please come for His church soon. This world is growing very dark. Thanks for your courageous service, Justus and Lisa!



  1. The Foundations of Fear – Artificial Intelligence – How Dare You Pretend To Be A God – Part I – Justus Knight – Jon's Place

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