Red Alert! 25,000 D.C. TROOPS TO BE VETTED! Insider Attack Feared! Biden ‘Hunger Games’ Inauguration Just Went Full Hamlet!

25,000 troops suddenly needed to be ‘vetted’ by the FBI. The paranoid Pelosi and beholden Biden have gone full Hamlet and created the ultimate Hunger Games Inauguration. Do you know why they had to go on Red Alert!? We do, and we’ll tell you every detail…because if it wasn’t a full attack from the outside (as their intel is now pointing out) that means it had to come from the…

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  • FBI Puts Nation On High Alert! Targets A “Q” Wired…But What Happens Next, No One Saw Coming!

    The FBI puts the Nation on high alert and releases the “Domestic Violent Extremists Emboldened in Aftermath of Capitol Breach, Elevated Domestic Terrorism Threat of Violence Likely Amid Political Transitions and Beyond.”. Now, make no mistake, this is target Q…but that’s not all. Who they turn their sites on immediately after will should prove to all, Republican, Democrat, Independent…they are coming for EVERYONE!

  • Exposed! Capitol Riot ‘Breach Blame’ Shifts In Shocking Review Of Events Completely Exposing Their Involvement!

    Now wait a minute! Why aren’t they reporting on EVERYONE who’s involved with the failure in security as it relates to the U.S. Capitol breach?! This truth is extremely inconvenient and turns the entire narrative upside down. If we’re going to point the finger of blame, let’s make sure it’s pointed in the right direction. Be prepared for the reality that THEY never wanted out!

  • FBI RED ALERT: What Do They Know? Intel Says It Will “Shock The Soul Of The Nation”!

    FBI RED ALERT: What Do They Know? Intel On What’s About To Happen Will “Shock The Soul Of The Nation”! Do you know what this means? Some may have put the pieces together but it is a mosaic that Biden, the Democrats and the Tech Titans don’t want you to know! How is it that the very same people who hold the Hunter Biden laptop, the very same people who suppressed the Hunter Biden story and the very same people who have the most to lose from it’s information release are the very same people who are issuing a promoting and alert to do what exactly?!

  • RED ALERT – You Can’t Unhear This! Nancy Pelosi Makes Critical Error – What Did She Just Do!?

    The words no American should ever have to hear just spewed from Nancy Pelosi’s lips. You won’t believe what she said and what it means to YOUR future. This can’t be real…but it is!

  • It’s Happened, Trump Receives His Virtual Impeachment Sentence…A Moment Of Silence

    It’s happened, overnight it picked up speed, Trump has received his virtual impeachment sentence. He has now lost the ability to communicate with his constituency, utterly losing his most effective weapon and tool in relaying his message to those millions of Americans that voted for him. Worst part, it’s not over, there are more piling on to assure he can NEVER SPEAK AGAIN!

  • Capitol ‘Shake-Up’ Here’s What They’re Not Telling You! It Will Change EVERYTHING You Think You Know…Reality Check Time!

    So, this is what happens when you lose focus on two very important things; God and Constitution. While another ‘major shake-up’ event occurs, in reality, another distraction has occurred. Why are all eyes on the Federal Government to begin with is the real question. To answer it, we are going to pull from an amazing article that outlines how it is not about the ‘ants that are killing on another’ (aka us) but who shook the jar they were in before the fighting started. You think you know the answer?!…careful, if information is power then you are about to get the nuclear bomb of awakenings. This will, and should, forever change what you should be focusing on! (Hint: it’s not the little “g” that Government wants you to believe they are!)

  • Overnight, Joe Biden’s Worst Nightmare Becomes Reality! He’s Now On Collision Course With Disaster!

    As the Georgia Senate races come to finality a nightmare scenario is realized for Old Joe Biden. If he was to assume the Presidency, and Georgia gives the Democrats what they’ve been yearning for, control of the Senate (thanks to Kamala’s vote); they Biden’s nightmare truly becomes a reality. You see if this was all to transpire, there will be nobody left to blame but HIM AND THE DEMOCRATS. No more ‘boogeymen’ no more Republican control, no more Republican influence…just Democrats and Joe Biden. Here is why that could simply be everything that’s needed to put the entire party on a collision course with disaster!

  • Republicans About To ‘Whig’ Out!? Storm Clouds Gather As Jan. 6th Looms Near In Pending Party Destruction!

    What is old is new again. Can history serve as a lesson? It should, but will it? The Whig party was once the second most powerful political party in the Nation, but almost overnight it disappeared. Fractured by slavery issues, its demise was quick and final. Now, does the Republican party face a similar moment in history? Storm clouds are forming over January 6th, here is what is occurring that can spell disaster in more ways than one…or is that EXACTLY what they want to happen?

  • 15.9 Billion Of The World’s Most Devastating Weapons Just Went Active And They’re Aimed At You!

    The Tech Overlords have given you 15.9 Billion reasons why you are truly in the fight of your life! They take us for “Suckers, Chumps & Fools”, once you understand the statistics that are about to be presented to you, the influence they represent and the power they wield…it will take you just a few seconds to realize unless you do these few simple steps, the Republic is all but lost. They have covered us in noise several times over and it is far TOO LATE for some but not ALL; that is where you come in! Mobilization and not Persuading is now the key to everything!

  • The 2020 List You NEED TO HEAR, But May Not WANT TO HEAR – The Gruesome Statistics Of A Deadly Year!

    There is very little write up needed for this video. If you want puppies and rainbows, look elsewhere. These are the cold, hard and undeniable gruesome facts and realities of one of the deadliest years in modern history. Everything we feared, everything we reported on and everything we warned has happened and the after effects are nothing short of devastation.

  • China’s XI Makes a SHOCKING Call To Putin, States Unthinkable! What Did He Seriously Just Admit To!?

    A call was just made between China’s Xi Jinping And Russia’s Vladimire Putin that will send chills up your spine. These two world leaders exchange a cryptic message of veiled threats and indirect admissions of the unthinkable! We dug deep to find the appropriate interpretation of every one of the 1000 or so words to assure not detail was missed!

  • Biden’s ‘Devastation Policies’: How Could Anyone Allow THIS To Happen!?! Catastrophe Imminent On A National Scale!

    Why is anyone allowing for this? For what you might ask; for Biden’s devastation policies. He is preparing to to mirror the most disastrous policies that have ever existed; a truly failed experiment. He is building his cabinet to be filled with those that believe, like he, that America is on a path to disaster. But that what he is preparing to do will be to orchestrate a disaster the scale of which this great Republic has never seen and may very well not be able to survive! How can anyone support this you might ask? Well, there is a movement to undermine it already happening; in the very epicenter of where it all began!

  • It’s Happening! Shocking Deaths Of Whistle Blowers Indicates MAJOR ‘Plot’ Underway To Silence THIS Horrific Reality!

    It’s happening right before our eyes; yet many remain blind to the truth. The death of whistle blowers occurring around us is astounding, how is this not more widely reported!? Well, the reality is for more horrific and devious than main stream media will every report especially in that they are complicit in the cover up. The cover up of what you ask…well, EVERYTHING! Here is what we mean…

  • This Can’t Be Allowed! If Biden Goes This Way And You Dare Disagree With Him, Straight To Jail You’ll Go!

    Imagine a future where you dissent to the ruling authority, you GO TO JAIL, immediately. A plot line for a movie right, not so fast. This is as real as it gets. Venezuela isn’t the only country that utilizes it and American may very well soon be next. The stage is already set and Biden just has to put the finishing touches on for it to be a full reality! The information is beyond critical as it foreshadows things to come if a Biden Administration was to be sworn in. I will ground it in fact, I will ground it in law and I will ground it in current actions. What you are about to see will change you, I promise you that. So as we begin…SILENCE! The Politics Of Hate Is About To Go Full Orwell: Biden Is Setting Up A Perfect Venezuelan Storm For Political Dissent Laws!

  • FESTIVUS 2020 – The Most Disgusting, Wasteful And Abusive Christmas Gift Ever! Courtesy Of The U.S. Government!

    Rand Paul has just published Festivus 2020! This is a must see to share with you friends and family over the Holiday Season! Here are the most abusive, wasteful and disgusting spends the Government has done over the last year. If you want to learn about alcoholic rats and lizards on treadmills look no further! From our family to yours; please share the displeasure!

  • Trump Finally Did It! BOMBSHELL Executive Order Dropped! Intel Agencies OVERRIDDEN-Release Imminent!

    If you learn nothing else today; this is what you need to know. Understanding that Trump is threatening a Veto of the Covid Part II Socialism 101 Stimulus Bill. Understanding he just pardoned 15 individuals that the MSM deems treasonous. None of this holds a candle to what he just did via Executive Order!! The lame stream media SILENT, but not us, this is TOO IMPORTANT, TOO URGENT and TOO CRITICAL to be missed. Trump has OVERRIDDEN all intelligence agencies and authorized the full release of this critical classified material! This is one of the game changing maneuvers we’ve been waiting for…he finally did it!

  • 6000 Pages Of Crazy! Here’s What’s Hidden In The Covid ‘Stimulus’ Part II: Hint..Horse Painkillers!

    If you listened to the main stream media, which we know you don’t, you’d think the newest Covid-19 stimulus package was the best thing since sliced bread…well, hate to disappoint you. What you are about to discover is many of the absolutely unbelievable elements included within the near 6000 page ‘stimulus’ bill. Hint: there are horse pain killer usages in there, seriously, can’t make this up. That is not nearly the worst element however, oh no, for $600 they gave away your freedom for a long time to come. But Biden says, it’s only a down payment to what’s coming.

  • Is AOC OK? She Receives Covid-19 Jab, But What Happened Next Is THE REAL Unreported Story!

    Not sure if you missed this, live on Instagram and Twitter, but AOC got her Covid-19 jab in the arm and the absolutely unthinkable happened. This came after she stated, “If you have any questions or unease about the COVID vaccine, I got you! I’d *never* ask you to do something I wasn’t willing to do myself.” “.I took the jab & am here to answer your questions. Ask away!” Well, of course I am sure, you, like me, AOC would be the last person I’d ask about anything rather than if I’d prefer my martini shaken or stirred. But pushing that aside for a moment, it wasn’t what happened when she took the jab, but what happened immediately after that main stream media has attempted to shield from you. Is AOC OK?! According to these series of messages, she has more to worry about now than she bargained for and no one is saying a word!

  • What’s Trump Been Preparing For!? ‘Russian Hack’ & Pentagon Lockdown Reveal What No One Dare Speak!

    What if!? The starting question to many of the greatest discoveries in history. What if!? Just, what if Trump has knew all along what’s now transpiring!? You see, today’s political ‘battlefield’ is so riddled with landmines that it is difficult to see the truth in the fiction; one wrong step and you’re quickly blown off the path to reality. Trump however has proven to be an extreme wild card in this poker game of treachery verse truth. He isn’t the best at holding his cards close to the chest either; often vomiting out reality so harsh that most of America, including those that love and adore him, have trouble consuming the information with out shuttering back and wincing. But, back to ‘What If?!’ You see while lying in bed last night the ‘what if’ became ‘what the (insert expletive here), how did everyone miss this. A series of events unfolding before our very eyes yet none of the puzzle pieces being put together accurately to represent the focused picture of what’s occurring. Trump’s been showing us his hand for months…but either we all missed it, or simply couldn’t consume the potential outcome? You see the unspoken little deadly detail is that Covid-19 and the recent Cyber attack have more to do with one another than most realize. They in fact, go hand in hand and may have just led to the Pentagon LOCK DOWN. So, we’ll walk you through these auspicious decisions, actions taken, chess like maneuvers, land mine’s set and ultimately navigate you through one potential path to truth the results in what many consider unthinkable but more potentially possible now, than ever.

  • Trump’s Revenge! CNN Finds Themselves In Major Trouble…Their Not Alone, Hollywood And Others Guilty Of The Same!

    As we’ve continue to hope and pray that America wakes up to the realization that their freedoms have been stolen from them in the most heinous and egregious manner, we unfortunately rather watch as the mindless minions continue to show inaction or concern for the fact that the very fundamental freedom our forefathers set forth for us to preserve the Republic is stripped from right under their nose. But, of course, their noses are too high in the air with contempt and disdain for the Republic because their media has told them it is an atrocious land that deserves no respect, only hate. Their politicians have imprisoned and gagged them and they have simply asked for more, bending over so that the proverbial long arm of the law can slap their behinds and in some sycophant manner they feel may ‘please the crown’ so they are granted some forgiveness for their deceitful actions against mankind, mother earth and the overlords of their local, state and federal governments. So what then happens if they are granted their wish and the man they call an evil tyrant is removed from office, what if Trump does ultimately exit and the new administration is officially sworn in? What else then goes with him? Most likely not what anyone is talking about, and it’s about GD time!

  • Trump Threatens Nuclear Option! GOP Confirms With Call To Release ‘ALL KEY ASSETS’ Setting Stage For Biden’s Worst Nightmare!

    For those of you, like us, who are watching President Trump lose battle after battle in his bid to regain the Presidency it is hard at times to see there may still be some light at the end of the very, very, very long tunnel. But, that is not what we’re here to discuss today. No, rather, let’s consider for a moment that Trump is not successful in his attempt to regain the post he has served for the better part of 4 years now. Please, we know, that statement alone can result in uncontrolled shaking, vomiting and / or an over-riding desire to run your head into a wall multiple times in the hopes of snapping yourself back to some form of reality. But the reality is that could just result in serious injury if you were to fail to find the void between the two 2 x 4s aka the pillars of strength in an otherwise weak foundation provide greater resistance than the void between. Or another words, this verse this.

  • CDC Issues “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” Funny If They Didn’t Add THIS Horrific Plot Twist!

    Headline reads, and as per the CDC website it states, “Wonder why zombies, zombie apocalypse, and zombie preparedness continue to live or walk dead on a CDC web site?” No this is not joke and well, yes, we certainly are wondering…OK, more like saying what in the actual (insert expletive) are you trying to play here. Oh, let us guess, you are claiming it was a great community outreach program that drove traffic to your site…or a trendy marketing shtick that is funded with my tax dollars…or as you claim, “We continue to reach and engage a wide variety of audiences on all hazards preparedness via “zombie preparedness”. Well, we are going to blow that thought process to smithereens by the time we get to one of the most foreshadowing, cryptic and terrifying comic books, yes published by the CDC, we have ever soon. The words within will send chills up your spine and have you asking…what are they exactly preparing us for?

  • Instantly After SCOTUS Burns Down TX Election Case, From The Ashes Rises THESE Absolutely Unexpected Maneuvers!

    Instantly after the SCOTUS burns down the Texas election lawsuit from the ashes rises THESE absolutely unexpected maneuvers. We are sure many of your are feeling robbed of any form of justice yesterday, you aren’t alone; we have the evidence to prove it. Waking up this morning we can still feel the sting of a blindside punch to the face by a bar room bully too afraid to let us see him coming the night before. Of course that very statement nowadays can be considered controversial for it may imply that 74 million people could feel disenfranchised, how dare we! This isn’t speaking of fraud or stolen anything for sake of this presentation just rather that we are all treated equal and abiding by the Constitution; following the rule of law. According to the ‘NEW AUTHORITIES’, that is simply NOT OK. You will note I am being very careful what NOT TO SAY, but that is one of the very fundamental issues we face today isn’t it; a fear to speak freely, even when justified…just one of our Constitutional rights that no longer have any meaning. So out of the ashes comes two maneuvers no one expected to see, one from the Texas GOP and found as a filing, just after the SCOTUS response, on the official docket that may indicate a new temperature is being felt across these great States of America…we are a bit reluctant to put the word United right now at the beginning.

  • SCOTUS Readies To Be Ground Zero In Constitutional Battle Of Sedition vs. Sanctity – Here’s The Legal Armies!

    Why is the SCOTUS about to be ground zero you may be asking; well, we’ll tell you exactly why. We are staring in the face of the greatest Constitutional battle in modern history, a battle of sedition vs. sanctity. Is the Constitution the supreme law of the land or just another piece of paper will soon be determined. If you want to understand the deluge of amicus curiae briefs that have flooded in on the Texas SCOTUS case look no further! We will go through each and every one of them so you don’t have to. What side they fall on, who’s involved and what the highlights of their case are will all be covered here.

  • If You’re Not Asking Why Now, You Should Be! Hunter Biden & Seth Rich Bombshells Show ‘WHY NOW’ Is Only Question That Matters!

    So WHY NOW?! It is a question you should be asking yourself. Why now does Hunter Biden finally admitted to being investigated based on a laptop we were SUPPRESSED from talking about? Why now do we find out that Seth Rich’s laptop is actually in the FBI’s possession and always have been? Why now do we finally have members of Congress standing up against the likes of Nancy Pelosi? Why now are the actual facts of the Covid mRNA vaccine coming out? Why now is China mocking Biden’s Covid-19 mitigation plan? The answer that links all the questions together should not only shock you, it should have you asking, what do they know that we don’t!?

  • SCOTUS ACCEPTS! TX ‘Trump Last Stand’ Case ‘Experts’ Mock As ‘Stunt’ Is Docketed!! States Run To Join!

    As we discussed yesterday, the Texas election 2020 case would be front and center in Trump’s efforts to validate his victory as President. Being one of the first to report on the events yesterday left of in the center of a story that exploded immediately and took shape over 24 hours! The media and ‘experts’ destroyed any probability of the case going anywhere, calling it a fraud, a sham and a waste of time. Despite all their efforts and mud slinging, the case gets docketed by the SCOTUS and now the defendants have until Thursday to reply! This is truly one Trump’s Last Stand!

  • Midnight SCOTUS Election Filing BOMBSHELL! Ferocious TX Lawsuit NO ONE SAW COMING Is Legal End Game!

    Overnight, the most ferocious and legal sound election lawsuit to date was filed with the Supreme Court of The United States! No, it wasn’t from Team Trump, it was from Texas! That’s right, Texas is suing Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin in the most legal Constitutionally based Election 2020 filing that absolutely NO ONE saw coming. We’ll tell you why the SCOTUS has all but no choice to take the case based on past rulings and Constitutional law. This is truly a BOMBSHELL filing that We The People cannot afford to fail. Luckily, in so many words, the SCOTUS has already said exactly why they not only WANT to take it, but HAVE TO TAKE IT!

  • SCOTUS to Trump ‘We’re Coming To Help’! Alito’s Revenge Looms Near In Bombshell PA Election Decision!

    The biggest story of the weekend is the SCOTUS message to TRUMP…’We Are Coming To Help!’. If you’ve read the opinions, court filings and rulings you’d already know what’s about to happen as Judge Alito bumps the PA review date by one day to Safe Harbor Day. As slight of a change as it may seem, it is more impactful than most realize and could very well change the course of Election 2020. There is however another back story you must be aware of…one that goes to the heart of this matter. Don’t forget who worked against Justice Alito during his confirmation hearing via a Filibuster that Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and this Senator were all involved in. Old wounds are hard to heal.

  • A Video So Dangerous – About Something You Use Everyday – It Was Immediately SHUT DOWN!

    So you probably thought toilet paper shortages were just panic buying…well, think again. It isn’t the first time in history it’s happened, but this time is much different. Covid-19 has rocketed us from freedom to tyranny in under 365 days in 9 simple steps. Let’s us show you exactly how easily America crumbled and why those empty shelves you see at your local grocery store are one of the final indicators to an unfathomable ending.

  • ‘Smoking Gun’ GA Election Surveillance Video So Devastating Fox News Even Says Enough Is Enough!

    How bad must it be when Fox News has to eat crow and report on election fraud in Georgia that is SO BAD, SO OBVIOUS and SO CORRUPT that it can be ignored! Well, they did…but that is only the beginning of this broadcast. We are going to dive into topics no one dare discuss, from Indian Reservation voting to the Director of Intelligence telling Joe Biden BEWARE…China’s here and their going to be growing even more dangerous to the very sanctity of the Republic!

  • Barr’s Darkest Deceit! Durham Slight Of Hand Deception Exposes Treacherous Trump Betrayal!

    For those of you that held any shred of hope that Barr would rush to the rescue of President Donald Trump you are now unfortunately disappointed, let down and more than likely very upset. I’m not here to tell you you’re wrong, political emotions can run very high and it is often inappropriate to stand in their way. Barr’s Deceit In Demolition Of Trump’s Election Claims Lies In This Deceptive Durham Detail He’d Rather No One Know! A tricky little Barr slight of hand that many may have missed. It’s OK, you have to study night and day to find all the little deceptions occurring across the political show of illusions. This one is however down right wrong, and trust me, I am using a mild word right now. So let’s get into this story and discuss why Barr has turned and began his walk back into the swamp of…well we’ll just leave it there. Headline reads…!

  • Democrat Nightmare! Mega GA Overnight RE-REVERSAL Gives FULL Forensic Voting Machine Access To Their Enemy #1

    Before the stroke of midnight, yes seriously again! Georgia, overnight, re-reverses a major decision and now allows the Trump Team access to Dominion Voting Machines! But that is just the beginning, the smartest man in the room is about to get full access and he is the Democrat and Deep State’s worst nightmare! I will give you a full background of what was again called the BIGGEST CONSPIRACY THEORY ever, but again is absolutely coming true!

  • Democrat Panic!…Just Before Midnight, Thanksgiving Eve…Everything Changed And Jan. 20th, 2021 May Now Be Decided!

    Before the stroke of midnight Thanksgiving Eve there were things set in motion that will forever re-define U.S. history. A warning!!…once you hear these critical Constitution crisis events, you can never turn back from the reality that the path of our Republic has been altered. The spigot of truth has been opened and it pouring out all over America’s consciousness and it will forever leave its stain on the collective understanding of what may be defined as the biggest treason event in U.S. history. I will provide you the re-cap of what happened, but when I’m done, you will be digging for every last detail!

  • Devil Went Down To Georgia, Lookin’ For An Election Steal! Once You See This; You’ll Know Who & Why!

    Let’s make this easy…Georgia is now the center of the political universe. Here’s the why, who and what of the race. Here’s why it’s so darn important. Here’s why we are heading for the same disaster again.

  • Not So Fast! Trump’s Midnight Reversal And Tucker’s 180 Show This Election Saga Is Far From Over!

    Trump just had a midnight reversal that will have you questioning everything you thought you had to accept before you went to sleep last night; but he wasn’t the only one. Tucker Carlson also made a complete 180, reversing course on his earlier attack on Sidney Powell. What is happening? Well it appears one thing for sure, this election is FAR FROM OVER!

  • Trump To Kraken…YOU’RE FIRED! BUT…If You Missed This Sidney Powell Interview You Missed EVERYTHING!

    Trump to the Kraken…YOUR FIRED! This weekends shocking announcement of the dismal of Sidney Powell is mired in multiple theories. There was however an interview just the night before the bombshell ‘firing’ that may just outline exactly what happened. Let me walk you through each mega statement Powell made as she walked the U.S. election process through the proverbial garden of destruction!

  • Do You Know What Actually Occurred In Michigan Election Cert. U-Turn Last Night!? It All Changed When This Happened!

    What happened in Michigan can very well define our great Republic moving forward. If you fell asleep last night enjoying the victory of the Election Results being un-certified…you woke up to a much different reality. But that is only the beginning of the story…everything was just find…until this happened!! And that’s only PART 1!

  • Sidney Powell BOMBSHELL – Dominion Insider Affidavit In Hand And They Know Exactly How They Stole The Election!

    Sidney Powell just launched the nuclear missile of BOMBSHELLS. On a recording with Lou Dobbs she releases the KRAKEN and discloses she had an AFFIDAVIT for a Dominion Insider and then reads on how he knows EXACTLY how the election was stolen!

  • Philly Mob Boss To Flip On Biden! Offers Vote Theft Congressional Testimony In Exchange For Trump Pardon!

    An astounding report that we could have never expected to surface. Is there the potential that a Philly Mob Boss may bring down the entire U.S. Presidential Election?! Well, it very well may be. ‘Skinny’ Joey Merlino may just have the goods on how he and his crew stole 300,000 votes…and were PAID TO DO IT! You have to hear this to believe it!

  • What!?! Governors Get Locked-Down! Gavin Newsom Loses Executive Authority!…But That’s Not All!

    Gavin Newsom just got LOCKED DOWN…but he’s not the only one! For those of you who were wondering when the State Governors would start paying the price for their ILLEGAL lock-downs and actions; well it’s finally happening! Here are the court rulings, for and against, the Governors you have seen take over Lame Stream Media headlines. BTW, Gavin didn’t only get locked down he lost his Executive Authority!

  • Justice Alito Issues UNBELIEVABLE Dire And Dark WARNING Of Things And Work “That Lies Ahead”!

    One of the most shocking, dark and dire messages we have come across in recent history from the Supreme Court is about to chill you to the core. Justice Alito just issued a series of warnings that no American can afford to miss. This message is terrifying, breathtaking and absolutely critical to hear to understand what lies ahead for the very freedoms and foundations of this great Nation.

  • Barr Calls Emergency Meeting with Trump! Caught Red Handed And “This Is Playing With Fire…” The Proverbial S#!+ Is About To Hit The Fan!

    Bill Barr calls an EMERGENCY meeting w/ President Trump…but that is just the beginning! Has he finally caught them red handed…does he finally have the evidence to prove widespread voter fraud…or is there something else?! Well, if you heard a recent interview he did with Wolf Blitzer you would know exactly what is about to happen and we are going to expose IT ALL TO YOU RIGHT NOW!

  • Biden’s Call For ‘Unity’ Just Got Shredded! You’ll Never Guess By Who, And Their Ranks Are Growing More Dangerous Than Ever!

    No sooner than Joe Biden called for ‘Unity’ did the exact opposite happen. Doxing list start being developed, MSM jumps on the ‘hate Republican’ train and Hollywood starts calling out their own. But that’s not the worst of it…not by a long shot. No, rather, Joe’s ‘Unity call was shredded by his own party. Unfortunately for him, if he was to win the Presidency, he has the fight of his life against the ever growing Squad of Socialism.

  • Tucker Said What?! His Shot At Fox News Family Feud May Have Just Cost Him His Job!

    The Fox family feud has now reached epic proportions! Tucker Carlson launches a ‘non so indirect’ shot at Fox that may very well cost him his career. We’ll show you what led up to this statement and why it may indicate a much larger narrative. This however is just the beginning as we’ll transition into the full length of this broadcast and cover the newest daily election corruption and the affidavits that document it all!

  • Biden Blitzkrieg Takes Aim At Trump Legacy With Immediate Executive Order Removal Of, Well, EVERYTHING! Bye Bye, America 1st, Hello World!

    JAs we get you up to date on the last 24 hours of Election 2020 shifts and turns be prepared for the biggest ‘gamble’ to date. There is the potential for an outcome that NO ONE is discussing. We are going to show you what’s occurred in several swing states and then put the focus where it truly belongs, on the one little state that decided to go home rather than count votes. The one state whose district attorney warned many months ago exactly what was going to happen. The one state that Richard Grenell just arrived and immediately kicked up a firestorm. There is good reason, the gamble could just have Biden going ballistic!

  • Biden Is About To Go Ballistic! An Election Gamble & Outcome That No One Could’ve Ever Seen Coming!

    JAs we get you up to date on the last 24 hours of Election 2020 shifts and turns be prepared for the biggest ‘gamble’ to date. There is the potential for an outcome that NO ONE is discussing. We are going to show you what’s occurred in several swing states and then put the focus where it truly belongs, on the one little state that decided to go home rather than count votes. The one state whose district attorney warned many months ago exactly what was going to happen. The one state that Richard Grenell just arrived and immediately kicked up a firestorm. There is good reason, the gamble could just have Biden going ballistic!

  • They’re Stealing The Election! Will The October Surprise Turn Into The December Disaster?!

    Join Lisa Haven and Justus Knight as they discuss the Election 2020 disaster we are all now facing. With Trump calling for lawsuits and Biden assuming victory if anyone thinks this is over, it’s far from it; we are just getting started! Let’s cover the twist and turns and bring you up to speed on the race that is far from over but definitely December disaster in the making!

  • Eruption Day 2020 Is Here! Just Moments Before Election Day These Events Happen, Does This Signal A Winner Or War?!

    The day has finally arrived, Eruption Day 2020! One of the most tumultuous years in our history culminates in a decision that can and will impact our future; no matter the outcome. A Republic divided (as they would like us to believe) hangs in the balance; will we be further divided or united? The only certainty that will come out of today’s election will be uncertainty. Although we hope and pray that a win so decisive occurs that our Nation will be put on a path towards healing; we have seen what the Media will do to assure that eventuality can never be realized. Here are just a few of the measures and manipulations now in place to prepare for what we know will be an Election Day Eruption unlike anything we’ve every seen…now, let’s hope we are grossly disappointed and a we have a true WINNER rather than the WAR we expect.

  • Overnight, Trump Blindsides Democrats! Sends Shocking Letter To Pelosi & Authorizes Self-Destruct Disclosure!

    Trump just blindsided the Democrats putting them into a self-destruct mode unlike anyone expected to see. A blazing letter was sent to Nancy Pelosi that details her and the Democrats biggest nightmare with lines drawn between them and China. If that wasn’t enough however, he then authorizes the release of a stack of documents that will turn the Democrats on one another…this is beyond classic Trump, this is truly a triggering of an absolute implosion of the Democrat party.

  • Who’s Really Going To Be President!? Why Did Pelosi Just Enact These Measures…For Presidents Past OR CURRENT!

    Biden better watch his 6. Pelosi is ready to seize all power…just look at her new House rules and you will quickly understand EXACTLY what she is preparing for. A few key words, “the President, and the Vice President, whether current or former,”. Hmmm, Nancy won’t be satisfied with the 25th Amendment and Trump, nor Trump impeachment, nor Trump in jail…she won’t be satisfied until she seizes FULL CONTROL of everything. Biden Beware; President Non-Elect Pelosi is coming for you next!