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Storm Is Here! Putin’s Last Laugh! China, Russia, India, Brazil Announce Joint Force To Destroy U.S.

There is always and will always be a plan. If you don’t know it, you’re on the outside looking in. There has been numerous stories about the pending ‘one world currency’. Did you know, we are in the midst of it’s creation right now? Did you know we are being destroyed from within to assure it rises? Did you know, the Goldman Sack’s created one of the blueprints? If you answered no to any of these, or you don’t know everything about BRICS…well, it’s time you did!

Why Are Walmart, Target + Many More Cancelling BILLIONS In Orders? What Do They Know That We Don’t!

Why Are Walmart, Target + Many More Are Cancelling BILLIONS In Orders…What Do They Know That We Don’t? Coming into the Holidays, the largest retail sales time of year, major retailers are CANCELLING billions in orders!? Yes, that’s right, and we’ll tell you why they say they are doing it…but let’s bring a dose of reality to the story and let you know what they know that you are about to!