Month: August 2021

Biden Blowback! Seconds After ‘Infrastructure’ Win His ‘Scorched STATEment’ Burns It Down! Bye Bye Miss American Pie!

So is it; Bye Bye Miss American Pie, driving kids future from the picture should bring a tear to your eye. All us good old boys drinkin’ whiskey and rye, Singin’ This will be the day Liberty died, yes this will be the day that we….Well, we can stop there; because Biden just gave us a glimmer of hope; just not in the the way he expected!

It’s “Insidious”! Biden’s Boogeyman Is Haunting White House As Concerns Rise Over Threat To Presidency!

It’s “Insidious” the Surgeon General screams! Biden’s got a boogeyman, one that is now haunting the White House. It is so powerful, so evil and so disturbing it has senior officials questioning how big a threat it is to the Presidency. What’s worse; they again are pointing the finger of blame at us…at here’s why they just diminished us to ‘animals’.

DHS Just ISSUED Major Trump ALERT! ‘Reinstatement Event Warning’ For Aug. 2021 – What Triggered It Is Shocking!

The DHS has issued a major Trump ALERT! ‘Chatter’ has been on the rise and they are warning of potential violence surrounding a Trump ‘reinstatement’ event this August!? What triggered such a huge warning? Well, probably not what you expect but nonetheless critical to understand so you understand this isn’t a move against Trump, it’s a move against you, your freedom and your liberty.