Cold Blooded Words…Biden Says Unthinkable! Incompetence Or Intentional – June’s Secret Gives Grim Answer!

August 19th, 2021By: Justus Knight

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On today’s broadcast:

Biden cannot help but to rub salt in the wound of a failed Afghanistan evacuation. However, no one could have ever expected these words to be said. One of the most cold blooded statements we ever heard. Could be confusing until you know what he did just a few months ago.

God Speed and God Bless!

Justus Knight

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  1. Biden says Cuomo should resign over his harrassment (abuse) of women.
    Biden admin pulls protectors from Afghanistan, before those being protected are in safety. The result is rape of women and children. Murder of women. Killing of Americans and allies. The admin even left hi tech biometric identification software to help identify and possibly locate the above mentioned victims. So, what should happen to you and your administration, Mr. Biden?


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