The United States of Suckers! Midterm Divided Victory Gives Way to Military Told to Ready for War!

Not Even A ‘Red Trickle’! The Only Midterm Takeaway Needed. Is it Time to Admit Trump’s Throne Belongs To DeSantis? Here’s what happened and why the Grand Red Wave thundered by Trump…never even hit the shore. DeSantis however triggered a Tsunami in Miami Dade that demonstrates a different strategy and a different face was a massive recipe for success! So, is it time to admit Trump’s time may now be up?

How Did Biden Get Away With This? We’ve All Been Deceived!

Biden has had only 1 mission from day one – stop the new International Order from being disrupted! How he’s been executing the agenda of Neocons is however one of the greatest Deceptions. By keeping you occupied with Ukraine, Russia, Inflation, Interest Rate Hikes and Food Shortages, they have kept your eyes off the ‘bouncing ball’! The ball bouncing not towards was but rather through the War we area already engaged. The only War that matters. A War against China!

Putin’s New Weapon! MSM SILENT On The Biggest Story THEY WON’T TELL YOU! It’s More Devastating Than A Nuke!

Your are about to have the blinders of MSM misdirection stripped from you eyes. One of the largest anti-government forces ever created is rising, but the Main Stream Media military complex is keeping in the dark on ALL of it. A complete black-out of one of the largest stories of our day…not a SINGLE word! We’ll show a weapon more powerful than any nuclear bomb and then run search by search to show you how it has been REMOVED from your reality!

Is Lisa Haven Going To Jail?! After You See This FBI Contract, You Won’t Be Laughing!

Let us introduce you to Babel X. This is the FBI’s newest AI that has the ability to see, capture, report and track EVERYTHING you do on social media. You think you’ve heard this story before…you’ve heard NOTHING! The government contract awarding Babel X 5000 licenses to the FBI spells out exactly what they will be looking for, how they will record it and the actions they will take as a result. So when we ask the question “Is Lisa Haven Going To Jail” it’s not sensational, it’s actually and understatement and you’re about to learn why it’s not only her that has to worry; just got look in a mirror and you’ll see the other person at risk!

Here It Comes! China’s Xi Jinping Just Made a Move the World Hoped Would Never Come!!

As Xi Jinping consolidates his power in a historic third term, there is no doubt what his intentions are. He has his predecessor escorted out of the China Party Congress in a show of force to assure there is no doubt of his authority. If that wasn’t enough however, he issues an immediate war rattling statement on Taiwan while explaining he has NO FEAR of the West and appears positioned to seize Taiwan before our Midterms transpire.