Busted! Reporters Just Caught Biden Doing Something That Should Be Of Grave Concern To Everyone!

As the events that led up to the botched Afghanistan ‘retreat’ takes full form, many more are waking up to an alternate reality they never wanted to admit possible. Billions of dollars of assets remain behind. The Administration knew more than they were letting on. And then, out of nowhere…Reporters notice something about Biden that should be of grave concern to EVERYONE. Did you see it? If not, tune in!

Washington Post’s Inadvertent Exposure! It’s Happening Again! Last Time This Occurred War Broke Out!

History offers us the greatest look into where our Republic is heading. Then, the Washington Post inadvertently spills it all! Not until recently have there been such deep parallels between the darkest time in our Nations history and today. One chart illustrated what the WAPO never wanted released. Not 1, nor 2, nor 3, nor 4 events either are equal…no, far many more are all leading in the same direction as what once resulted in WAR!

Imminent Crisis: Russia – Ukraine Hit Flashpoint! Putin Mobilizes Troops Due To This Action And Battle Declaration!

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalate war can very realistically loom near. Putin mobilizes forces in a show of force unlike anything we’ve seen recently. Ukraine issues a war declaration that states ‘they will not back down’. Biden has trapped himself in a corner by mocking the Russian leader and now being thrust into the center of what can result in WWIII. Is this saber rattling or something far, far more significant. Well, we are about to all find out