Explosive Study Reveals Chemical Linked To Autism Too: Is It In Your Shopping Cart?    

When will enough be enough?  How many more studies and evidence will be necessary for us to once and for all put measures in place to protect our food supply from ingredients that are being proved to damage the human body.  The recent study we are going to discuss today links glyphosate, the primary active ingredient in RoundUp, to autism.  There have been rumblings of this link before but the new details will shock you.

There is nothing more precious than the lives, health, and safety of our children.  Their futures lie in our hands.  To allow damage to occur to them that is potentially avoidable should be our Nation’s top priority.  Yet, we continue to wait and learn that in many cases things MSM declares as a conspiracy are far from that.  So instead of declaring ‘we need to fix this’ we declare ‘fake news’ and more children suffer from our irresponsibility.  This, my friends, is not acceptable!

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