Trump’s Absolute Strategic Genius! Maneuver Shows No More ‘Status Quo’ It’s All About Stopping Joe!

Trump, as always, proves once again to be a master strategist and Mitch McConnell proved to the insignificant barrier that Trump easily smashed through. BUT!!! This is actual an extremely focused, extremely intentional and extremely well though out direction that is capitalizing on ONE THING. AMERICA NO LONGER WANTS STATUS QUO…and hint, it isn’t only Republicans!

Biden’s CNN ‘Softball Town Hall’ Leads Into A Trump Reaction That Should Have Democrats Panicking!

CNN has once again provided Joe Biden an absolutely softball town hall format to assure that the Commander Asleep can appear, to the American Public, coherent and able to lead…nothing could be further from the truth. But even in the ‘protected’ formal, Biden fumbles the truth, over and over again. Let us review the primary points for you and then show you how it actually has gone to aid Trump! When you see how, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear!

BUSTED! If Democrats Felt Their Trump Impeachment Case WAS SO STRONG…WHY DID THEY JUST DO THIS!?

If the Democrats truly felt their impeachment case was SO STRONG, then why did they need to do this? Why did they need to lie? Why did they need to manipulate? Why did they need to deceive? We know it is the modus operandi but seriously, this desperate this late in the game shows true and utter contempt and hatred…but that’s not the worst thing that happened, oh no…here comes Joe!

Impeachment OVER! Here’s Why The Vote Itself Proved There Is NO CHANCE This Ends Bad For Trump!

Well, the impeachment is all but over…but do you know why? It’s all in the numbers and the conclusion is all but already done…technically…but will technically become a reality. Here’s why this is all about emotion and not fact, outpouring and not Constitution, fraud or non-fiction. All you need to know to see your through the Faux impeachment that is already destined for a non-conviction, but that isn’t what they are concerned about is it.

Viral Video’s Bone Chilling Message: ‘Trump Supporters, Today Isn’t Only An Inauguration, It’s The Initiation Of Eradication Of Your Ideology’!

This video NO ONE can afford to miss. A viral video has a bone chilling warning to ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS. This isn’t only an inauguration, it is the initiation of the eradication of you ideology! Don’t believe us, when you’re done watching this you will understand their next move, well, it’s not going to be peaceful, fair, balanced or unifying. Your beliefs have been logged, tracked and now will be eradicated.

Signed Out!? Last Night, TUCKER Carlson Gives CAREER ENDING Broadcast! Here’s Why and What He Said!!

Tucker Carlson delivered one of the most important speeches of his career last night…but unfortunately it may also be a career ending move. What he said was absolutely correct, absolutely righteous but absolutely incendiary to the new ruling Government class. We will cover all the critical elements of what he stated and why it is imperative you listen to the message so you understand you’re not alone, you are being targeted and you are the new ‘minority class’.