TRUMP Calls To ELIMINATE Obama’s LEGACY:  OBAMACARE  – Golden GOOSE EGG In The Crosshairs!    

Maybe the third times a charm?  In actuality who know how many times we’ve had this discussion but now it appears there aren’t any more distractions in the way of President Trump.  He is again taking aim at Obama’s Golden Goose or The Golden Egg…which came first, it matters not.   This can set the course for the framework of our entire Nation’s health care; something in desperate need of change!

Now that Mueller’s report is filed and impeachment talks are done (well by most) we can again get on with the business of running the Country…or can we.  In recent history this appears to be the last concern of anyone on Capitol Hill; they would rather talk about their personal missions than that of our concerns or needs.  So let’s watch as this new/old battle begins again and see if there will be any action behind what has been empty words to date.

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