WARNING:  All WHITE TRUMP SUPPORTERS Prepare To Be BANNED From Facebook Starting Monday!   

I am color blind both literally and figuratively, but after reading this article I was only able to see red!  You think I’m kidding…not by a long shot.  By the time you are done watching this broadcast, you will be as upset as I am about one of the most deplorable attacks on Trump Supporters to date.  Facebook and Instagram have taken a new step in depravity and begin sewing together words and term to create the weaponization of the word Nationalism. 

If you are White and you believe in Nationalism; they have found a way to call you a White Supremacist and Separatist.  One an unacceptable hatred of another race and the other the love of your Country; America first principle that has always made the United States the UNITED STATES!  How the two have now been made into one is disgusting and a truly sad state of events for our Nation as a whole.  THEY NEED TO STOP PROMOTING THIS FAKE RACE BATING NARRATIVE!!    

As always, PLEASE HELP SHARE wherever you can; this broadcast truly deserves the awareness you help to assure it gets!  Your thumbs up and comments are always appreciated!!

God Speed and God Bless,


For More Information (references) See:

References Can Be Found At www.justusaknight.com (please subscribe while you’re there)

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  1. United we stand, divided we fall, and the devil never sleeps. We need to keep praying, be proactive in contacting our elected officials, and be effective witnesses and debaters in our own circles of influence, which is at the most basic grassroots level!


  2. Satan, father of all lies, preparing to come on the scene. Pray to God for guidance and protection.


  3. These big tech oligarchs’ companies are about as private as a restaurant.
    If folks had read the terms of agreement on these websites they would never have signed up for them in the first place. They said that everything placed on their “public” websites became their property. Just considering that any family picture that I might post there would belongs to them caused me not to subscribe. They certainly overstepped respect for individual privacy, willfully & maliciously. They are all evil pigs destroying everything they cannot possess, typical of monopolies.


  4. I am neither Christian, Rich or White but having been ADOPTED by all 3 am truly grateful to all of You
    out there and believe in John 15:13 as a former military – US Veteran. May G-d manifest Psalm 144 on your
    behalf if you are Christian, White and Rich… Prayers for Psalm 91 to all of You. Shalom


  5. We will see….If we get dumped go to https://usa.life.com


  6. I am glad I am part Native American, I can still fight the good fight. I may slip under the eyes of injustice. You ever look at the signers of the Constitution? The two LEE signers are family. They lived by Patrick Henry .
    Ranger Rick
    North Idaho


  7. May all those being banned be found in The Book of Life! Alternative search engines, twitter, youtube, and other social media platforms independent and not politically controlled are needed. Won’t affect me as 7 years ago I realized F/B is yuur face and as much info as possible collected on you, in the NSA’s massive library.


  8. Since Whites are the vast majority of users & customers on Facebook, I can see a wholesale shift away from Facebook, putting them out of business in the near future.



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