Shhh…Freedom Of Speech Includes “#^+$” Speech – Dare Say ‘It’ And You Will Be Censored!!

We are all so lost. It is their plan to confuse us and strip away decades of history. They don’t want us to remember what our Country fought so hard to protect. They just want it to go away silently without anyone realize how much they are warping our understanding of even the simplest constitutional amendment.

This isn’t the first time, however, and it won’t be the last. The First Amendment has been under attack since the day it was written however it has stood the test of time. There have been some exceptions, but probably not on what you think. By the time you’re done with today’s broadcast, you’ll be scratching your head wondering exactly where it all started going so wrong…you can blame the global agenda for warping everything.

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Pornography & obscenity

Trump’s Hate Speech Makes the Threat of Violence More Real

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  1. Good Job, the Perfect Truth revealed within the Scriptures always come into the foreplay here for without them there could be no Life nor Light at all.



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