Palantir – Did NYT Expose The World’s Most Evil Technology Or Simply Find A Convenient Sacrificial Distraction?

The technological world has become a very scary place. Google, Facebook and Twitter dominate not only the social media landscape but now can steer politics, social change and alter reality without you even knowing it. This has landed each of them in hot water but, to date, there has been little to no action taken to do a single thing about it. Recently however the rhetoric is again heating up as they have all been, again, actively working to suppress the Hunter Biden story and it appears ‘some people’ are upset. Well, you can always tell how damaging a story is by how much the Main Stream Morons try to cover it up or simply not cover it at all. As Google now finds themselves on the hot seat out comes a hit piece on what the New York Times frames up as being one of America’s most Evil Technologies. This tech is run by a Company called Palantir, no you didn’t hear me wrong. Named after the famous seeing stones in Lord Of The Rings. No matter the name, they never saw this coming…and their association with President Trump might just be there final undoing, well, as a sacrificial distraction in a media world that works to protect the sacred tech titans at all costs!

‘Google City’ Leaked Document Reveals Full Scope Of Orwellian Metropolis: Unbridled Power!

Google would like to welcome you to City of tomorrow; their city!  Their leaked ‘Yellow Book’ tells the full take of this Orwellian Metropolis which offers all the comforts of home, including: taxation, criminal justice and unlimited data collection.  Sounds like a veritable utopia of Freedom, Liberty and the American was of life doesn’t it.  Well, maybe not the America you know; but the America they want us to be.  If you think this is an idea only reserved for a foreign land…don’t worry, it’s coming soon to areas near you: is your hometown on the list?