Trump Why!?! You Just Gave Them Our Freedom! Prepare For Loss Of All Independence!

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I wish it wasn’t true, I wish he hadn’t done it, but that is unfortunately not the case.  Trump just signed a deal that will forever change our freedoms, free thought, and overall independence.  The most terrifying part, he may not have even realized he did it.

When you are done watching this video, you will understand the impact of this Presidential signature and how it has ultimately handed over the keys to our Freedoms to those who have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they will destroy us.  The globalists have just been handed a victory that they never should have been given.  Prepare for Independence lost…

God Speed and God Bless,


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  1. It’s simple, like it or not Trump all along has been globalist. Politically he is conservative, but economically he is a corp. guy. The heart of the deep state are not the politics it’s corp. power and control. Politics do not matter to them; it’s the corp control. It’s kind of like “Reverse Fascism.” In a socialist fascist govt. the Govt. completely controls the privately owned corporations that fuel the nations economy. Here the private corporations run the govt. And as here now and in Nazi Germany, the banks the big international banks bankrolled both sides of the political and trade battles that led to WWI that led to WW II and will lead to WW III. Out of WWI we got the League of Nations, WW II the UN and a threat of WW III will bring in true globalism and Trump is their deal maker to bring that about in their attempt to avoid nuclear war. The elite don’t want nuclear war because you can’t control that and they are all about control. But their Hegelian Dialectic maneuver they are threatening global annihilation, to push us to their global prince of peace and the world will run to him, the politics both globally and here are all one big Kabuki play.


  2. I am an anarchist I am OUT of the system, so the worst they can do is kill me; as we all die anyway in this life, have a party. I do not and will not complyΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ.


  3. When, “I”, (if)- find your, Subscribe, click? Do, “I”, win a, prize? I don’t 👀 it anywhere.


  4. Why? Because he is a Trojan horse. I voted for him with a “wait and see” attitude, because does anyone really get to the top position in our country without the upper layer of power in the world supporting them? When he bombed Syria 3 months after getting into office, without an investigation into who conducted the chemical weapons attack, I had my answer. Since then, there has been one disappointment after another. Once in a while, he throws us a crumb. Now that we are getting close to the end, the cover-up isn’t as important.


  5. SADLY,americans will learn DONALD TRUMP IS A LIBERAL DEMONCRATE,hes from New York,thats all you needed to know about him,HE let the cat out of the Bag the day he said WE’LL JUST TAKE THEIR GUNS NOW,and worry about the constitution and courts later,they will be coming for the Guns,make no mistake about their agenda,SADLY americans are Stupid or he would have been drug out and hanged right then for TREASON,..NOW you get to fight your own military,the russian military,the chinese military,and the UN military,and worse of all THE POLICE GANGS…who love killing children,AMERICA,YOUR GOING TO PAY DEAR FOR NOT HANGING TRAITORS..and the killers of children,OUR FATHER WARNED YOU ABOUT HARMING HIS LITTLE ONES,you laughed and threw him out of the country,NOW your completely on your own,and traitors are taking over,and ONLY a war will stop them,good luck..


  6. Trump is a Trojan horse to smoke out the Christians. They were digging in under Obama. This is the time when the wise virgins are getting extra oil because midnight is coming and the groom is delayed…..on purpose.




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