They Just Joined The Mandatory Vaccination Attack On Our Children!  You Can’t Say No If They Win:  Even If It Goes Against Your Religion!

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Another state has joined the attack on our children.  They want you to have no say in this AT ALL.  They don’t even care if it goes against your religion or philosophical beliefs!

This legislation would assure that every child has no choice but to accept.  The facts have proven they are dangerous, ineffective and damaging in ways we have yet to quantify entirely.  If they continue to win this battle there will be no protecting our children from something so many of us STRONGLY disagree with.  Watch to learn more!

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  1. BIG families are a good thing,IF there are men in them,Most families now have NO men in them,pussies,queers,homo’s,and girlymen yea,JUST no alpha-males,that takes a dad present,very few homes have one,the women are running the country into hell,to bad,VERY few women will get into heaven,and even fewer men will,THE PROPHETS WARNED EVERYONE,do not harm my little ones,americans laughed at that,THEY PREY ON CHILDREN….you guys KNOW this attack on the children will bring MASS DEATH ON AMERICA RIGHT????..You won’t get away,you might want to invest in a hundred feet of 3/4inch rope,I tell you now,your going to need it,THE LORD commanded his people to protect the children,THEY’LL get into heaven..BUT will you…..


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