Tucker Carlson’s Most Disturbing Yet Critical Message That Every American Needs To Hear!

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There are messages and warning signs throughout our history that need to be paid very close attention to.  We, and that means you, need to help spread the words and thought that Tucker Carlson relates in this opinion piece on our great Republic.  The sentiments he relays are in line with everything we have seen, warned and experienced happening all around us.

My friends, please spend a few minutes listening to this discussion.  Without you spreading the word, we are all but doomed.  I only pray it is not too late and we still have some power remaining to change our course before we crash into the cliffs of the loss of our great America.

God Speed and God Bless,


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  1. Two thoughts on this.
    1. Yes it seems a hopeless helpless situation, but America was warned not to kill babies in the womb and not to tolerate feminism and homosexuality.

    2. Christians in China and around the world are being arrested in Church and having their homes raided! Freedom departs when Gods Word is ignored.

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