They’re Here! Worldwide Conspiracy Revealed: Visual Evidence Proves Globalist Riot Plan!

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We are all very well aware that our world is in chaos.  We are very well aware that riots are breaking out everywhere.  From France’s ‘yellow coats’ to Antifa there is unrest brewing and acting out in major cities from Brussels to Seattle. 

Did you notice something however within the photographs from each location; I did.  It appears there is a great consistency within.  A consistency so apparent that it is all but impossible to overlook.  The Globalist riot plan is in full swing and this video will go to show you exactly how apparent it is.

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    The Globalist riot plan is in full swing and this video will go to show you exactly how apparent it is.


  2. Justus,
    I used to be of the same line of thought that we should somehow try & stop this. But after all the massive corruption that is being exposed in every level of society & leadership around the world I’ve come to the conclusion the Paul Craig Robert is quite right when he states in one of his articles “is a civilisation that is so corrupt worth saving.?”
    This is all predicted in the bible. In particular 2Thessalionian & is called “the great rebellion” or “great falling away”.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that what the bible says is correct too.
    That there are only 2 kingdoms, Satan’s & Jesus Christ’s & what we are seeing is the manifestation of Satan’s on a large scale. The lines are drawn & people will fall into one or the other. I’m thinking that as what we call “ our civilisation hurtles towards its own destruction being motivated by Satan that all that can be saved are the people who want to escape it. Those who want to escape the deluge & come into the new Noah’s ark which is Christ.
    It’s apparent to me that is what is going on.
    God has handed the reprobates over to their own evil & have chosen to be unredeamable.
    I’m afraid that is most of our leaders too.
    It’s only the ones who can be redeemed in the safety of Christ who will be, but not without persecution from the reprobates that will serve to consolidate their choice & refine them.
    That said you do a great job & I encourage you to keep on. But this is not about individual countries anymore. This is about which kingdom people want to belong to.
    There are only two & they are both not if this world. It’s just playing out here on this planet.


  3. I’ll start off with this note: this is not meant to be criticizing – I love what you’re doing and enjoy watching your vids. However, you might be stretching a bit on this one.
    First, the yellow vest protests started a while ago (I think just over 3 weeks now) and, yes, the media narrative was “diesel taxes”. It’s clear if you look at the early reports that the protests were more-so directed toward the globalists and the carbon tax scheme in general, which lead to demands for Macron (former rothschild banker and avowed globalist) to resign. There were possibly tens of thousands of French, mostly middle-class and including rural farmers, involved with the protest from the start. They were blockading roads, etc, around the country, which is where the yellow vest signature comes into the story.
    In solidarity with those protesting in the countryside and smaller towns, the “yellow vest” signature of the protests spread to the major cities (Paris, of course, and other cities in France as well as throughout Europe). As always, the trouble-makers and ultra-liberal anarchists jumped on the train, stole the signature and used it for their own purposes (think black-bloc and antifa – and yes, they are soros funded)
    We’re now seeing it show up in other countries around the world, as you noted – Canada (especially Quebec which has strong ties to France) and Australia but also here in the States. Both legitimate and non-legitimate uses of the signature can be seen – people truly against globalism taking up the yellow (or orange) safety vest as well as black-bloc/antifa characters putting the vest on as part of their camouflage in their attempts to derail and de-legitimize such protests through pointless violence.
    However, as the signature is being picked up worldwide, we are seeing an interesting phenomenon develop where people are wearing Q tee shirts and patches along with the yellow vest. Regardless of how you feel about the Q stuff, monitoring the “Q posts” is pretty necessary at this point as there are so many involved and following along out there, it’s undeniable there’s going to be some shaping of the events that unfold going forward. In that vein, you’ll note the recent posts from Q pointing to this phenomenon of the merger between “yellow vests” and “Q people”.
    It’s also worth noting that the people involved with the Q stuff are certainly not antifa related. These are people literally obsessed with seeing the Clinton Global Syndicate brought down, the swamp drained and the return of the rule of law being applied equally across political and economic spectrums…can’t knock any of that 🙂
    So is this another CIA color revolution brewing, or are “they” simply trying to hijack another organic protest movement that happened to utilize a specific signature? It’s pretty clear to me. Knocking the vests, so to speak, might not be very productive if it’s a truly legit signature of people fed-up with globalist control systems and nefarious elitist plans. The concern for me is that they’re obviously trying to hijack the “yellow vest” signature for their own purposes, like we’ve seen so many times in recent memory (tea party, occupy protests and arab spring, just to name a few), and that will only leads to more disaster in the next year or two.
    Again, I’m not criticizing you with this post. There’s just much more to this story that you seem to be missing.
    And thank you for what you do 🙂



  1. Viva La French Fries | MAGA-Ville

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