BEWARE 12-15-2019!! 9/11 Intel Center & FBI Shift ABRUPTLY As National Intelligence Office IMPLODES!

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This week will go down in history as one of the largest shake ups and changes to National Intelligence in the history of this great Republic!  I have remained focused on all the rapid fire moves occurring around us in the wake of the El Paso and Dayton tragedies.  With sudden shifts in position ranging from the 9/11 Intel Center, FBI, Senate to the President we must all be EXTREMELY concerned of what’s to come!  What is happening on December, 15th, 2019?  If you don’t know, you really need to watch this!


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2 replies

  1. FBI, cia and other “national security agencies” are full of traitors and agents of foreign powers.
    These people simply can not be trusted!!!

    Americans need to wake up and fast!
    Why is Commie NOT persecuted? Who is Barr REALLY working for?


  2. I wonder if Trump has betrayed us. He’s shifting attention to white nationalism?
    How much of a threat is this, unless we will have no choice but to defend all we hold dear.

    He was supposed to DRAIN the swamp.
    Looks more and more like HE IS JOINING IT.


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