EXCLUSIVE Part 2! The Truth Revealed! FBI’s Trump Mar-a-Lago RAID Now In The ‘Crossfire of a Hurricane’…Ring A Bell?

An Ominous turn of events involving the FBI RAID of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home would be an understatement. Everything is starting to take a crystal clear from now. When you find out what Trump already did, you will be astounded as towards the outcome of this event. The FBI and DOJ release bombshell statements that indicate something far larger is occurring and America may not be prepared for what they’re about to learn!

Part 2 – Can you say Crossfire Hurricane…you need to; it’s all relative!

Biden Goes Dr. Evil In Unimaginable, Laughable and Dumbfounding Debt Ceiling ‘Silver Bullet’ Plan!

As Biden finds his Democrats deadlocked in disagreement, he pulls out their playbook to audible the next move. Allegedly written in bold print is ‘IF YOU CAN’T WIN, CHEAT’ followed shortly by, ‘IF YOU CAN’T WIN, GO NUCLEAR OPTION’. Well, what’s even worse, they just made themselves and bigger laughing stock than they already were, through and unthinkable maneuver that was pulled right from a comedy sketch.