What They’re PREPARING Will Make The PATRIOT ACT Look Like CHILD’S PLAY!

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Have you been watching, reading and listening to what’s about to happen?  Our ‘leadership’ is planning a maneuver so ferocious, so deceptive and so invasive that it will make the Patriot Act look like child’s play!  The rhetoric coming from our President, MSM and FBI is calling for change.  Change surrounding the recent massacres in El Paso and Dayton.  This change goes FAR BEYOND red flag laws…it will federalize EVERYTHING!  America’s worst fears are being realized…


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9 replies

  1. Religious fundamentalist (Protestant) will eventually be on the chopping block…the ultimate end game.


  2. Teaching and preaching from the Bible will be considered “hate crimes” and “right wing extremism” under these new proposed laws and directives .. with the added feature of “immediate execution”. Rounding up true Christians and executing them en mass !

    President Trump’s building of the economy, and now his 5-point plan, is parallel to Hitler rebuilding Germany from a pauper nation into an international powerhouse and military might in a few short years. Winning the majority of the peoples’ trust, faith, and adoration, he then implemented his true plan. The parallels to today are there, taken right out of Hitler’s playbook.

    And let’s not forget POTUS’s push for 5G – the Skynet surveillance grid to track our every move, every heartbeat, every breath, every thought, and .. every prayer ..

    Get ready Christians! They’re coming for YOU!


  3. This is so meting that you really need to look into: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qXL6IB9YKE
    Refugees are being given US passports and SSN.
    Anywhere there are refugees in harms way, the UN has the right to step in and protect them.
    You can then see how the UN will get there foot in the door within the US.
    This is all part of agenda 2030.


  4. This is WHY we have the 2nd Amendment!


  5. This will be my one and only comment ever! I am her again from a SQ link. I am 58 and I can read. Post a transcript of your commentary. That, and your source links, is all I want or need.
    Your elders will thank you. ditto for Lisa
    Without wax,
    Rodney, son of John the martyr
    [John Rogers, 1rst marian (bloody) martyr]


  6. 100% right on the money. They are coming for conservatives, as most conservatives are also Christians, and the tribulation is all about satan’s war on Christianity, and as non-Christians will find out, mankind in general.

    satan has been at war from day one. But look at what we see today. We now see people right of center called extremists. Not just far right, or alt right, but now it is all people to the right. We see everyone referred to as nationalists and supremacists. Everyday on news channels across America it is white supremacists and white nationalists. As if being white and pro country are mutually exclusive, or being white means you feel supreme, and are now a white supremacist as well. And right on queue the fbi releases a document about right wing terrorism in America, and describe conspiracies that have been proven as signs. Then we have two shootings that just happen to have been carried out be leftist extremists (antifa), but blamed on white nationalists / supremacists.

    We are now a country that considers the extremists to be God loving, Country loving white people. But, in reality, who are the extremists. Those who love God, and country, or those who love satan, abortion, after birth abortion, LGBTQPP, drag queen story time with children, corruption of children in libraries and schools with all things LGBTQPP, satanic morals in all TV, movies, music and internet porn, being distributed throughout the world.

    You see Ephesians 6:12 says it best “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Only satan could have pulled this off. We will soon see the NWO and anti-Christ.

    And now a comment like this could be a red flag.


    • If I could edit my comment, I would add that all the left collectively believe in the list above. In other words there isn’t an extreme left, because all leftists are extreme. They all believe in satan (or are atheists), abortion, after birth abortion, LGBTQPP, drag queen story time with children, corruption of children in libraries and schools with all things LGBTQPP, satanic morals in all TV, movies, music and internet porn, being distributed throughout the world.

      It is 100% good vs. evil. God vs. satan. Right vs. left.


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