It’s TOO Late! It’s Here, GLOBAL CHAOS! The Lies & Deceit That Handed Us Right Into THEIR HANDS!

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What does the Globalist Cabal want?  They want CHAOS…total and complete CHAOS!  Read your headlines, Countries around the World are all in the same state…CHAOS!  Power is being divided up into ever reducing size pieces, allowing the take over to be complete.  A divided World will ultimately require a unifying party to seize control.  What is happening here in America is not unique, we are in all essence the GRAND PRIZE.  After the failure of the Mueller Report and ultimately Trump’s impeachment the Cabal threw on the afterburners!  They thought America would easily fall for the divide and conquer deception…and in actuality WE DID.  In the great words of Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…”  We are watching puppets live out and enact an agenda against freedom, against peace, against God & Country!


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  1. Hi Justus. Just had a dream about this very thing the other night. In my country the west provinces left as did quebec. Only the eastern provinces remained. Same with the USA, and China and Russia. There is fighting in the UK and Europe with immigration problems. I got the word ‘balkinized”
    this in an article on pre-crime in canada.


  2. I told you: Americans have become to stupid to survive.


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