Why 1+MILLION Hong Kong Extradition PROTEST Is A WARNING To America!  Google aka “GONGLE” Art Tells All!

Please watch the video below for the full story! 

If you were tuned in this weekend to the mass protest involving Hong Kong’s pending Extradition bill you saw a look into America’s future.  This is how a population reacts when a few of it’s final freedoms are being shredded away.  The terrifying part of this story is the involvement of Google (aka Gongle) and an artist called Badiucao.  What is exposed in their story shows exactly what we are in store for here is our County…SILENCE TO ALL THAT DISAGREE!!

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References Can Be Found At www.justusaknight.com (please subscribe while you’re there)

MeWe Link:  mewe.com/i/justusknight

USA.Life Link:  www.usa.life/justusknight

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Trailer: China’s Artful Dissident Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FER3tewORE

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 4.59.27 AM










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  1. JUSTIN,I hope your well armed and ready,THE CHINESE are already here and they own ALL the whores who are running america,AND YOU WON’T SEE any more large protests ever again ,the POLICE GANGS HAVE AMERICANS SCARED TO DEATH to say anything they want,THE POLICE GANGS ARE ALWAYS used to destroy a country,THEIR DEMONS FROM HELL,thats why america loves them,this is going to become a WAR,and no one will stand up against SATANS WOLFPACK….america will be gone soon and it can’t be stopped…GET READY MY FRIEND ..and stay close to our LORD he warned everyone to be armed ,THEY HATE HIM for his rules,and HE KNOWS IT…..THE END is now in sight….


  2. Very interesting links i cannot check them all, sorry, ty.


  3. I have felt for a long time now that America has been lost. I am beyond scared, sad, and angry. It’s that feeling you have after you’ve been divorced for a time. Eventually you accept it as it is but you have never really accepted it its just what you front, inside your still very much sad and confused. You will never stop loving your ex or in this case your country. It is a very sad situation we Americans have. And I truly do believe America is lost. As with divorce yes there’s that chance you will get back together but in reality the odds are very much against it. We have gone from a nanny state to a conceded and greedy police state.



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