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It’s a dog’s life takes on new meaning on today’s broadcast.  They are treating us all like dogs and many of us roll over and take it.  They promise ‘treats’ and ‘kibble’ but all come with a significant cost.  This isn’t an argument about race, color, creed or sexual identity; no, we are all beholden to the master just the same.  Is it time now to disobey?  If we don’t, the cost is greater than any of us realize!

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  1. That dumb broad Talieb has no understanding of “Arithmetic”,, besides actually believing that money grows on trees and is free for the taking. To meet her stupid understanding of universal income we’d have to do away with our military to accomplish that goal.

    Hey you stupid “C” maybe you didn’t understand what happened with our welfare system when our government started giving money to those unwilling or unable to work. Look what it has done to the Black Community. With over 50% of the black community on some form of government hand out, not including those who are retired receiving medicare and social security.

    When you pay someone not to work, THEY WON’T, YOU IDIOT. Where do these stupid socialist come from? If she has a degree, where did she get it? It may be time to hold Universities and colleges culpable for not teaching their students what America is all about, and making civics a required course as well as Economics.

    If someone is trying to fuque you over, do you just stand there and take it or do you fight back. If that bitch wants more money from me to pay for someone who doesn’t want to work, then you are going to have a problem with me because I will consider that theft ! CAPICHE ???


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