The End Is Near

DOJ takes aim at Google (round 2) – but this time it appears that Google has lost the favor of the Administration. You are about to learn all the detail of why Google and YouTube may now, never be the same again!

BEWARE The 5th Estate! Twitter Just Exposed a ‘Dark Alliance’ More Dangerous Than Anyone Dare Discuss

There has always been 4 ‘Estates’ in this Nation. The Presidency, Congress, The Judiciary, and the most powerful…the Press! It used to be about Freedom of the Press that kept the other three in check; but that has long since passed. A conformity of thought was brought about through the combining of these 4 estates. Powerful and effective but yet it could not consume all control. Well, that was until the 5th estate arose. One more dangerous than most assume has now risen and been exposed in recent Twitter Drops. Here is the story of how the 5th estate has allowed for complete and total Tyranny…however there is one within the estate that is uprooting the structure!

Elon Musk BEWARE! Democrats Just Launched a TRIBAL Threat and it is Definitely a Laughing Matter!

The Paul / Nancy Pelosi attack story just went from strange to outright bizarre! Do you know all the details surrounding the accused assailant David DePape? Until you do you can’t even begin to understand how this story simply does not line up! ‘Found in his underwear’ – ‘Unidentified person opened the door for police’ – ‘a right wing extremist with a liberal bumper sticker’…well, that’s just the beginning of a narrative the main stream media is conveniently promoting as another MAGA promoted act of violence.