If They’re Correct, In 7 Months Trump Is About To Destroy Our Freedoms…Forever!

If They’re Correct, In 7 Months Trump Is About To Destroy Our Freedoms…Forever!

Please watch the video below for the full story! 

We can only hope and pray the information is not true.  Why would a President that give such hope be accused of trying to harm our freedoms…forever.  If there wasn’t a history of events that validate the potential it would not be as impactful, but there is!  When you find out what expires on December 15th that the Administration is allegedly saying they are going to renew; you will be in the same dis-belief that I am.  Please tell us all it’s not true; our freedom is counting on it.

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God Speed and God Bless,


For More Information (references) See:

References Can Be Found At www.justusaknight.com (please subscribe while you’re there)

MeWe Link:  mewe.com/i/justusknight

USA.Life Link:  www.usa.life/justusknight

History Channel YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP9VklrXPZs

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  1. Everything will come to pass exactly the way it is written, get disciplined now and gain little peace while it is still light… thedisciplinefactor.com


  2. It’s possible that Justus is jumping the gun and basing his assumptions on the current climate of Gov’t “spying”. As we are mostly aware, Trump is in the process of cleaning up 30 years of unmitigated Treason against the Constitutional Republic by the Bush-Clinton-Obama Cabal forces. There are good parts of the Patriot Act to protect us from forces currently operating in places such as Congress, Supreme Court, SES and Alphabet agencies. A revamping of the Act is what is needed. Give it time because only time will tell. President Trump never ceases to amaze and suprise.


  3. Great Message. Have you ever considered the Zionist control that is over President Trump with Kushner and the Neocons of Bolton, and We lie, We cheat and We steal Pompeo, and that false Evangelical Pence who Kushner made sure was Vice President to deceive the Evangelicals and right wing base. It seems that they are going for broke… The anti-Semitism law that is being put in effect, starting in Florida’s education system should be a major red flag??? The Noahide laws that Trump just signed again is gaining momentum and power especially after the shooting in California. My wife and I have a ministry to the Jews so this is not an anti-Semitic response for we love many Jews, but not these Talmudic Neocon Kabbal that is running Israel and has President Trump jumping through hoops. P. Trump has been given way to much benefit of the doubt and we need to wake up to what is really unfolding before us. He can not be trusted and he and the Republicans with their allegiance to Zionist Israel with Israel first, then Saudi Arabia gives quest of having to get off the Trump train and into the Lord for wisdom from on High. This message is something to be taken seriously as you are, for quite a few Mossad agents were behind 9/11 as well that has help put in place the Patriot act… What you are saying here doesn’t shock me a bit. Hopefully it is not true; but one thing for sure is what I am saying with Israel… Steven Ben Nun from Israeli News Live has awesome insight into all of this. Please consider looking into some of this. Your chin will continue to drop!!! Blessings and thanks for your work!!! Appreciate it much!!!


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