Asteroid: Destruction Or Deception – The NASA, Elon Musk, Wormwood Mystery That You Missed! 

Please watch the video below for the full story! 


It is almost a daily occurrence now to hear that our planet is going to get obliterated by an asteroid or meteor inbound from the far reaches of space!  It reaches across religion and science; the Bible’s reference to Wormwood and NASA’s tracking of multiple alien projectiles stir fear, debate and confirmations.  However the ongoing saga has taken some unexpected twists!  If you want to understand if this a story of Destruction, or a story of Deception…this video will answer some of your questions while most likely stirring up several more.  From satellite illusions to Elon Musk being called up by NASA to save our planet from destruction; this real life saga begins to sound more like a Hollywood movie than ever before!

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  1. Who ever wrote this article is deceived. There is no “outer space” nor do we live on a “planet” (Earth is a flat terra firma with a Firmament above) No asteroid is hitting the earth from fake space you fools


    • Oops! Too late Steve! Ever been a few minutes from Interstate 40 and the old Route 66 in Northern Arizona near Winslow??? That meteor crater is rather large… and deep. Or how about city of Chelyabinsk, Russia on 15 February 2013 when a large meteor rocked the region?? That meteor’s shock wave injured hundreds of Russians early on that Friday …but was tiny compared to the one that struck Siberia in 1908. Or also, another space rock exploded over Krasnoyarsk, Russia around 7 pm local time on April 6. Where do you think those came from?? UFOs?? Pterodactyl poop??



  1. As FEMA & NASA Carry Out 'Dress Rehearsal For Doomsday' - The Daily Coin

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