America’s Reality Check Is On The Horizon: You Need To Take THIS ACTION NOW To Protect Yourself!

All too often the ‘talking heads’ of America cry out the Paul Revere-like chants of ‘the end is coming…the end is coming…the end is coming!!’ but offer little in the way of what to do about it.  On today’s broadcast, we will put some on notice in the way of providing them a much-needed reality check.  However, the true reality of the broadcast is to point out again the amount of time we are wasting tending to useless, ill-informed and misdirected initiatives that have no place in America.   Illustrated how our Congress and Senate is invaded by those that all want to shred America and our allies into little pieces; rotting us from the inside out.

SOOOOOO, what can we do about it?  As I have been offering recently, you will find another petition that you can sign.  This one will GO DIRECTLY TO YOUR STATE SENATORS!!  I promise you action steps and action steps you shall have!  We, The People Of This Great Republic, will stand together to peacefully bring about change as long as the change is seen.  Our voices will be heard and our MAJORITY recognized.   

As always, PLEASE HELP SHARE wherever you can; this broadcast truly deserves the awareness you help to assure it gets!  Your thumbs up and comments are always appreciated!!

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