Trump’s Off Script Remark That Could Spark A Revolution…Did You Miss It?

What do I need to do to impact change?  What can I do to change things?  Is there anything we can do to turn this ship around?  All questions I hear on a daily basis.  How did our knowledge become so small as it relates to what we can do to impact change; the answer is simple.  We have become the politically correct docile masses they bred us to be through the use of fear, un-empowerment, and segregation. 

So what does it take to change our course?  A VOICE…!  However, be warned, when trying to speak openly and honestly you may not please everyone.  A well-understood fact to some but many have had that basic rule of thumb hidden from them, they wanted you to fear conflict and think it’s wrong, hateful, vile and racist…it keeps you a sheeple much easier.

At the end of every storm, there is a ray of light…in this case, it was a comment.  A comment that needs to awaken more to the reality that it is time to speak up or be silenced forever.

As always, PLEASE HELP SHARE wherever you can; this broadcast truly deserves the awareness you help to assure it gets!  Your thumbs up and comments are always appreciated!!

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  1. SPEAK UP! Even if just a word or two. Once others see they are not alone they will join in. Most people are simply afraid that they will be singled out, that they are alone. When they see others hold their opinion and are willing to speak them ….. they gain courage. Slip in a couple words here and there and let them grow.

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    • COME ON GUYS AND GALS…I will tell you what we can ALL do….WE NEED TO STOP DESPAIRING AND GET INTO THE FIGHT…The Lord is requiring us to stand up and war against these powers of darkness on the earth, under the earth, on and in the seas, under the seas and in the first and second heavens, to occupy the land, to take more and hold it and win the victory for Him and rule for Him until He appears and takes His throne… There is a huge harvest that must be brought in before this age can end!!! Even if you are too old or weak to fight physically, you can certainly engage in offensive and defensive prayers, binding and loosing, decreeing and declaring and just generally being a prayer warrior and engaging in spiritual warfare!!! In fact, spiritual warfare is much more important than physical warfare!!! Witches, warlocks and Satanists that come out of the occult and now serve Jesus all testify as to how powerful the prayers, declarations and decrees of the Saints are in stopping their evil plans…They all say that the righteous prayers of the Saints kick their evil butts!!! COME ON PEOPLE, STOP WITH THE DESPAIR AND GET INTO THE FIGHT…IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!! It is up to US to use the weapons God has given us to defeat the enemy and introduce the entire world to our savior and best friend Jesus, the Messiah! HE HAS GIVEN US EVERY WEAPON WE NEED TO GET THE JOB DONE, BUT WE HAVE TO USE THEM!!! IF WE DON’T, WE HAVE ONLY OURSELVES TO BLAME!!!


  2. Comment awaiting moderation? Tell me your not another controlled opposition you tube channel.


  3. tried to submit the petition. looks like it may not go thru unless you contribute 1.00 min to ewg. at least as best i can tell.


  4. WHY would the president feel he needs to pass an ex.order to protect freedom of speech??..BECAUSE THE MILITARY LIED,THE POLICE GANGS LIED,AND EVERY MEMBER OF THE GOVERNMENT LIED ,”WHEN THEY TOOK AN OATH TO GOD TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THE US CONSTITUTION”,now all of them will find out why the PROPHETS IN THE BIBLE, who knew our FATHER warned..DON’T DO IT,if you lied he’ll send you to HELL,hahaha,and there isn’t a person in america who TOOK that OATH who is enforcing their OATH TO GOD,they all think it was a joke,I wonder if they’ll still be laughing when their standing inside the GATES OF HELL……


  5. I can find no evidence that Trump has signed an executive order protecting freedom of speech. I searched and checked What is the E.O. number?



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