How Did We Let This Happen?! The Attack We Prayed Would Never Hit Our Shores Just Did!


It is near hard to swallow the reality you are about to view.  You will not be able to believe the stark comparisons between two countries that should have nothing in common.  Not only standing oceans apart is distance but what one would have thought to be political motives also…this will prove that is absolutely not the case.

Be prepared, by the time you are done watching this you will realize everything from housing to feces (no, you didn’t read that wrong), we are walking hand in hand with their agenda.  They have been attacking us for many, many years and they are about to close the circle to completely entrap us all.  America is nearly lost and it is time to stand up and be heard or fade away into slavery and oppression.

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  1. Sewage sprayed on our food??? Could there be a connection between that and the huge increase in food recalls?


  2. There is a word called “Conspiracy”, which has been psychologically weaponized to dissolve our resolve unto truth.


  3. Isn’t it about time that we stop whining and complaining about what those idiots in Washington are doing, and say what needs to be said. We must make it known that whomever tries to screw us over with Administrative Law will be hunted down and hung from the nearest snag. Those leftist will only take notice when we let them know that this is a fight to the death and that we are willing like our founding fathers will set our course to right our nation with bullets.

    If they do not take notice, then they need to be taken out with prejudice. As Patrick Henry was noted to have said; “Give me liberty or give me death”. I will not support tyranny and will fight against it until my death.


  4. 26 minutes?? Come on man.– size it down.


  5. It took you this long to notice the slide?
    Once th simple morning prayer in schools was removed, the country was already moving into depravity. Child care? Roe vs Wade took care of that.
    Hosea 9:7. The days of punishment have come, the days of retribution have come.
    Thumb your nose, spit in the eye of God, watch and see as you slip further into iniquity. He sees the hostility toward Him. Your leaders, your “inspired” men are demented.
    They lead you astray, and like blind sheep, you follow. ( not everyone of course ).
    Because you will not listen…
    Their glory will fly away like a bird- NO birth, no pregnancy and no conception!
    Though they bring up their children, yet will I bereave them until not a man is left.
    Yes, woe to them indeed when I depart from them!
    …Ephraim will bring out his children for slaughter. Hosea 9:11-13
    They will bear no fruit. Even though they bear children, I will slay the precious ones of their womb. Hosea 9:16.
    This scripture is one of the most important and frightening in the whole of the Word of God. He sees the iniquitous ways, the embrace of evil. He sees the rejection of all that is right and Holy. Without repentance, His laws begin to take effect. He always makes a way through and out. Jesus Christ.
    This horrible advent of abortion laws, the subsequent cheering and celebration of them shows the depth of madness now revealed.
    He must act. The visitation of judgement is not coming…it is here.
    Abortion is a judgement from God!
    Denis McQuillan


  6. JUSTIN,your already brainwashed,COLOR BLIND??you may want to read your BIBLE,and study the TOWER OF BABBLE,then ask your self WHY DID GOD SEPERATE THE RACES,and give them their OWN LANGUAGE,and send them to their own countries,then give them an ever lasting dislike for each other,(HINT,HINT)..SO THEY WOULDN’T EVER MIX AGAIN,,,except the IDIOTS in america and SATANS devils would try to reverse THE WISHES OF GOD,Knowing he would destroy them for it,BUT hey, if the women say its OK…who cares what OUR FATHER wants right??,,but your not brainwashed either right??.MY FRIEND,america HAS CROSSED THE RUBICON,their women have destroyed the nation and its way to late to fix it..HERES a little piece of advice,GET READY TO MEET THE LORD Face to Face,you’ll all be standing in front of him soon,and most of you won’t have a clue how it happened…BUT YOU BETTER BE PRAYING HE KNOWS YOU,or he’ll look over at SATAN standing there and say to him..”SATAN HERES ANOTHER ONE WHO BELONGS TO YOU”..I don’t know him….


    • whoa ! that IS a very interesting “take” but do remember theee outcome of them and their tower resulting in multi idioms etc.The Almighty became ANGRY and scattered them like a herd – not because HE wanted them to be that way.
      AS for the promotion of contraception,promiscuity,when contraception fails- ABORT!-choice? being touted as a norm-There will be Divine Retribution however,there’s too many already either brainwashed or lolled into a sense of security thinking they know His Will.
      to be separated from the body IS to be w/Christ.


  7. What I don’t understand is, why do you people continue to use social media sites such as facebook etc? Please, you have to know what these sites are and who runs them. I just don’t get and probably never will, never used any of them and will not!



  1. Links 276-Justus Knight on Creeping Socialism | Cindy's Zone 2

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