Russia’s Dark Declaration And America’s Shocking Response May Indicate Conflict Draws Near!

The world we live in just took another step deeper into crazy.  When Russia’s Ambassador says he is “scared” of what is about to happen we all need to take heed.  The war game is getting real and America’s Shock Assault Response, pulled straight from the Cold War Era may be all that is needed to indicate a conflict looms near.

When we couple this with another patient cured of AIDS, suicide, alcohol and drug deaths hitting an all-time high and someone actually putting out an article questioning our right to free speech you need to ask yourself if anyone will realize that removing God, Family, and Communication from our everyday lives have been successful in achieving the Global Agenda.

When will the sheeple awake to realize the dinner they are enjoying with friends, drinks, excess, lights and music will end with the flip of a switch if we don’t all again realize the lives, suffering and sacrifice it took to achieve all that we enjoy now?  How quickly so many forget.

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