Deplorable Truth:  The Plan To Assure Trump CANNOT Win The 2020 Election

If you think the plan you are about to see is anything less than 100% real then you are going to allow the future of our Country to be controlled and run by ANYBODY BUT WE THE VOTERS!

The plan to assure Trump CANNOT win the 2020 Election is so deep, so multi-faceted, so devious and anti-American there is virtually NO WAY he can win; the Election is already lost! By the time you are done with the broadcast you too will be as irate as I am. We have now sat back and done nothing for so long that they have initiated a multi-prong attack that would take radical and immediate action to ever change the direction of.

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  1. The Las Vegas odd’s makers have Trump winning in a landslide in 2020.


  2. By then the swamp will be drained, and there will be no way President Trump can lose. Catch up with me on YouTube. Editorial comment.


  3. Truthfully, I’ve about had it with the DO NOTHING GOP, the traitors, the continued underestimation of the democrat party and the left….! Every damn day we hear something similar. In over 2 years no indictments of any of those democrat politicians involved in the attempted & ongoing coup of President Trump! As Rush Limbaugh said, no one involved will see justice, that is a fact! Now the Southern border is an open flood gate of illegal alien parasites, who will prey on the US Taxpayer and the innocent. If Trump loses the 2020 election, be prepared for Civil War. The swamp is winning, the corruption, sedition, espionage, and treason common place since Obama’s 1st day in office. The “Rule Of Law” is dead!
    President Trump has been snookered on the border emergency declaration and that bravo sierra spending bill! And for all of you IDIOTS who still believe “Q” is god, and not a leftists Psyop, wake the F up!
    We have less than 2 years to prepare for disaster.


    • Oh, and you just wait and see how many emergency declarations are made by the democrats, and watch the GOP bend over on behalf of all of us! Fools! The democrats WILL declare Martial Law…! Your tolerance, apathy, and complacency has handed over the country to the democrat Marxists! The Republic sold out!


    • Let’s vote those DO NOTHING GOPs out. They are worst than those Democrat idiots.


  4. Have you noticed that those complaining about Social Media censorship, also censor? Breitbart, OAN, pseudo-America-First-Christian-Patriots hate any mention of the Jewish log in their eyes. They are busy banning those who point out the glaring Jewish/Israeli interference in America’s government.
    Notice all the pseudo “conservatives” that continue to use Facebook and have their comments on Facebook, which means their visitors have to be P.C. GOOD BOYS to still have a Facebook account to leave comments …. REAL conservatives would have stated “I AM SPARTACUS” and quit Facebook when INFOWARS was banned. They would have deleted all truth on thier sites, stuffed their files with garbage so ZUCK could sell it …. and walked away.
    As a matter of fact, if you have NOT been banned for working to expose the treason you are a failure.



  2. 'Big Tech' Going All-In To Steal 2020 Election For Globalists - The Daily Coin
  3. Links 277 | Cindy's Zone 2

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