First Shots Fired In The Tech Cold (or) Code War!  The Real Agenda Behind The Deception!

The first shots have been fired in the Tech Cold…I mean…Code War!  Everyone get inside their homes, The Nerds Are Coming!! The Nerds Are Coming!!  I say this tongue in cheek full well knowing they control the electronic world as we know it.  As things have (what seems to be) heated up between the Tech Titans is there another agenda at hand…now come on, you’ve been with me long enough to know…OF COURSE THERE IS! 

Although the real reason that Facebook is under fire now from EVERYBODY has not been made 100% clear we do know there is obviously much, much more to the story yet to be revealed.  However, the real truth behind this deception is much less hard to find.  It has actually been in headlines for some time now.  SPOILER ALERT…it’s about Google working to take over the World again!

 I hope you will watch this video to learn more!

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  1. The spirit of Ham (Noah’s exiled son) is a huge cancer in society. Voyeurism, is a psycho-sexual disorder, whether sex is acknowledged as a motive, or result. Such is the malignant character of cyber nerds.


  2. Transcripts, transcripts, transcripts …



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