PewDiePie Aids jesus H. christ In This Deplorable DEMONetization: Warning…Your Blood Will Boil!

Warning…this video will make your blood boil!  Although this saga is ongoing it has worsened in intensity and depravity.  If you don’t know who PewDiePie is; he basically is one of the top 10 YouTubers in the world.  Although he does not appeal to me directly as someone I watch I have seen him take good positions on several issues; including even supporting our President at times although he is from another Country.  He has all but stayed off my radar…until recently.

What he has done to support a CHARACTER by the name jesus H. christ (please notice small “j” small “c”) is absolutely deplorable.  This is the world of DEMONetization where people will do anything for attention, clicks and ultimately money.  Exactly what we were warned of; the devil’s playground!

 I hope you will watch this video to learn more!

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God Speed and God Bless,


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  1. Thanks for wading through this so that we don’t have to.


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