Send In The Clowns!  Waiting List To Join CAPITOL HILL CIRCUS…The Most Destructive Show On Earth!!

We are watching The Most Destructive Show on Earth…unfortunately it will spell our demise if it continues.  The globalist plan to take over America has brought the circus to town on Capitol Hill.  There are very few that can escape the power of the big top as the sideshow acts tear up our Constitution! 

The horrific news is there are people lining up to join the show.  The new pool of ‘candidates’ are by far more qualified to take center stage than those already a part of the show!  When we look at the Presidential hopefuls we realize the only one that will be sold to the Freak Show will be American citizens…because that is how they view each and every one of us; sideshow freaks falling victims to their scams!

 I hope you will watch this video to learn more!

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God Speed and God Bless,


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  1. Justus,

    You really need to put down the gospel according to Quayle. I’m telling you now, ignorance is no defense, and you alone are accountable for your work. This is not a dry run, and the shysters which line up behind the son of lies in Montana will be accountable for their constant barrage of bearing false witenss. I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but that’s all you do. Fear is not of the Lord as you know, but why do you insist on sowing fear into the hearts of the vulnerable? It doesn’t matter that Hodges, Haggman, et al line up behind this truth-slayer, but my God, you and your girlfriend are much too young to get caught up in this nonsense. Open your eyes son! Become a fiction writer or playwright, but leave this work to them to whom it was predestined.

    Still… Weeping


    • Jeremiah Weeping. It is disgusting that you are either a troll or ignorant about the hard work Justus and Quayle are doing to warn this nation of the moral abyss we are about to descend. You need to return to watching the boob tube and playing mindless video games which will better suit your infantile awareness. Like Justus and many others, I have spent 1000’s of hours reading,researching, and seeking God’s word for answer to why this nation has fallen into such depravity and decay. I even wrote a free book I send to anyone that ask, “America: A Captured Nation”. As a Spirit filled believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I have received the gift of discernment. How ironic that you use the name Jeremiah who was the weeping prophet that tried to warn his nation Israel of its coming destruction for turning it’s back on God, just like present day America. I have recently received a discerned prophet word from the Holy Spirit that gave me word about Jeremiah chapters 50 & 51. The revelation was that the economic and military power he was describing is end time America, which in one hour will be destroyed and taken into bondage. You should read it Mr. Weeping and then spend the time researching like Justus, then may be you can make an intelligent comment. Otherwise, leave the real men like Justus and Quayle to done the real commentaries.


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