Are We Secretly Being Locked Into Our Own Borders:  The Devious Side Show Hypocrisy

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If you look down from 30,000 feet over the news landscape you’ll quickly see the hypocrisy in so many of today’s headlines.  One day our politicians agree with something only the next day to disagree with it…no surprise, right?  Let’s look a little deeper however and understand exactly the hands the construction of the border wall is falling into.  The same Department that can’t keep guns off planes is going to secure an entire Nation’s border?

Next time you go to board a plane look at the layers of security to get through the ‘check-point’.  Pretty soon in all airports add in the Real ID and biometrics and you have the complete Orwellian ‘border control’.  Makes you wonder, are we trying to lock people out, or lock people in?  Time to listen and decide.

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    Trump is a PATSY

    Wake Up


  2. The infamous YouTuber called ‘The Underclass Guy’ (not seen or heard from since 2014) did a 30 minute presentation several years ago about new wall in Europe and in the US. He said to expect to see in the next few years (ie around about now) many nations calling for walls to be built and for borders to be reinforced – ostensibly to keep out migrants. However the real reason would be to keep the ‘Human Resources’, aka ‘Citizens’ IN if or when the national economy collapses.
    Remember, when an economy collapses people want out. When a nation turns bad people want out. So Governments will do what they can to keep the Human Resources / Citizens / Workers / Slaves in the country. Think Iron Curtain, Think North Korea, etc.


  3. HERES WHAT THE LORD HAD TO SAY ABOUT THE WALL…..Right now you can leave america with a CARGO CONTAINER full of your stuff,WHEN OBAMA returns to power, you’ll only be able to leave with a pallet of your stuff,when he attacks ,and he will,you’ll be lucky to get out of america with a backpack of your things,and likely won’t make it…

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