The Trap Is Set To Enslave Over 40% Of You & The Democrats Who Are Helping It To Happen!

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The trap has been set for almost the majority of workers to be enslaved within the next 10 to 15 years and no one is listening.  We have candidates running no the enslavement platform in 2020 and no one is listening.  We have industry leaders promoting the agenda and no one is listening.

There is a trap so devious, yet obvious, that it may very well capture our very way of life and freedoms and win by popular vote.  This agenda has to be taught to all as quickly as possible or we risk utter and total domination and enslavement.  The are pre-programming us to believe it is good and the majority of American’s, and for that matter world, are falling for it hook, line and sinker…and yet it has failed every time it is implemented throughout World history.  The only thing that has resulted has been unspeakable depressions, horrors, and atrocities.

God Speed and God Bless,


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  1. I don’t take the flu shot either. No shot of any kind, for over 40 years! Standing in faith in Jesus! God bless!


  2. Get Well soon. Thanks for the heads up on what’s going on!!!


  3. What most Americans do not realize is that nothing has any value except when brought to the market place through human labor. When robots replace human labor, very few will have enough money to purchase the basic commodities. Even the morons who are running those huge corporations refuse to acknowledge the relationship of human labor to value. Their businesses will falter because there will be no one to purchase their products thus they will fail and like the proverbial house of cards, once it starts there will be no stopping the collapse.

    You cannot have a roboticized culture unless it is recognized that there will be very few who benefit from that robotic production. The middle class workers are being manipulated out of the job market on purpose to service the stake and stock holders of the corporations. But, once the value producing humans are thrown to the wolves those elites will see only a short surge in their profitability, until it is recognized that all value has left the system.

    Seeing as how our money has been devalued over 98% since 1913 when the FED was created, we are almost at that tipping point of the total lack of value in the whole system AND THAT IS WHAT IS CALLED DEBT. What our government knows along with the Banking Cabal is that our debt can never be paid back, because with our devalued monies we cannot pay back the interest on the loans to that Cabal.

    It has been the sale of our government Bonds to foreign countries which has supported our hegemony over the world. Those foreign countries have finally come to their senses and now know how easy it will be to collapse our economy by as little as dumping all their bonds at once on the market, killing our economy. Because of this, the BRICS countries are setting us up for failure, and our government is too sluggish to respond fast enough to keep us from dying by the millions.

    At this point there is only one way to stop this downward spiral and that is to totally do away with the FED and for the government to do what our constitution has afforded it and that is the right to print, distribute, and managing the currency supply in America. This will force the banks into insolvency and we’ll be free of the debt cycle and the control over the value of our money !!!


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