Russia’s Apocalyptic Doomsday Device “Dead Hand” May Be Back And Deadlier Than Ever

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How did we end up back in the Cold War?  How are we drawing so quickly near to WWIII?  How is it possible that one the most devastating apocalyptic doomsday devices ever created could be alive and deadlier than ever?  A series of unfortunate events have unfolded that has left our world not the brink of nuclear disaster.

If a first strike was to ever be launched against Russia that would wipe out the majority of their country; they have a plan to strike back from the grave with devastating consequences.  Not since the Cold War has this device been discussed but now it’s back in headlines.  Is it simply an empty threat deterrent or is it more…we must hope that we never find out.

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  1. DOOMSDAY DEVICE,yea but its nothing compared to what the US GOVERNMENT has planned for planet earth,TOTAL DESTRUCTION,and the death of everyone,WHILE they sit at their bases on MARS and watch it happen on their big screen TV’s…ALL planned and ready to go,ALL the while the citizens who could stop it,WILL watch in shock and Horror as their hero’s murder them and their families,AND NOT LIFT A FINGER TO SAVE THEMSELVES,kiss your ass good by kiddies,YOU LOSE…..

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  2. I fear not the Russian. China . But I did not trust my own government. Regardless of Russia doomsday device is no more the end all device than 8 to 10 Ohio class submarine with 22 trident 2 missiles each. Each missile has 10 war heads . These nuclear platforms are floating around the depths of the sea waiting on the call to launch there payload. We all have heard the saying. Go ahead and make my day. That not all that can be launched. Ground and air defenses. That not to exclude Alied forces with appx 500 nuclear weapons. The world would be uninhabitable if these doomsday devices were used..

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  3. But then again, the world has tolerated women’s rights, abortion and homosexuality.
    Why shouldn’t it be nuked?


  4. It seem every conversation is about how powerful and all the new nuclear toys Russia and China have. It make a good story and make reader aware of the danger. It also seem slanted to to place fear and worry into those who are not up to date with modern weapons and technology. Just to put it in prospective. Yes the Russian have a powerful Nuclear arsenal. 2 China also is a formidable force along with there Alies . 3 USA also has a very powerful nuclear force along with our Alies. It is rather moot how many times one nation can destroy the world. Regardless of the hype using nukes is almost a certain suicide attack. I seriously belive a meteor strike on the earth would be just as bad if not worse than a nuclear strike.



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