Do You Have Your Free Speech License?  Our Constitution Is Nothing But Kindling To This Globalist Agenda! 

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Why is it becoming so routine for our rights and freedoms to be trampled upon?  Why is it so routing for our Constitutional rights to be shredded up and thrown to the side?  Why are we laying waste to everything our forefathers created as if their creation of the greatest Nation on the planet was not successful enough to prove their fundamentals were absolutely correct.

BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO HAVE YOUR FREEDOM, YOUR RIGHT TO SPEAK OR YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW ANYTHING BUT THEY WANT YOU TO HEAR!  All dissenters will be silenced, monitored and punished as deemed necessary to their cause.  We are moving so quickly away to everything America was meant not to be and the silent majority stands by as they scorch the framework of our forefathers as if it was just kindling for an evening bonfire.

God Speed and God Bless,


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4 replies

  1. OH,I’am offened at what you said….OK,maybe you’d rather BLEED TO DEATH RIGHT HERE ON THE SIDEWALK…..Boom,Boom,Boom….THOSE FAT whores you people claim are women are going to cause your death if you aren’t ready to fight,and the LORD hates cowards……….


  2. I’m getting damn sick of these globalist who hide behind a curtain and don’t come out in the open. Our Constitution belongs to the people of the USA. and we will stand up and fight for it. To the snakes of the globalist you even try and destroy our Constitution and we will come after you as Trump is doing and we will destroy everything of yours-count on it you damn snakes in the grass. —–Your days are numbered. and heads will roll.


  3. Welcome to the Great United Soviet Socialist Satanic Stasi States of Amerika, Komrades!


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