Trump Threatens Nuclear Option! GOP Confirms With Call To Release ‘ALL KEY ASSETS’ Setting Stage For Biden’s Worst Nightmare!

December 15th, 2020

By: Justus Knight!

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On today’s broadcast:


For those of you, like us, who are watching President Trump lose battle after battle in his bid to regain the Presidency it is hard at times to see there may still be some light at the end of the very, very, very long tunnel. But, that is not what we’re here to discuss today. No, rather, let’s consider for a moment that Trump is not successful in his attempt to regain the post he has served for the better part of 4 years now. Please, we know, that statement alone can result in uncontrolled shaking, vomiting and / or an over-riding desire to run your head into a wall multiple times in the hopes of snapping yourself back to some form of reality. But the reality is that could just result in serious injury if you were to fail to find the void between the two 2 x 4s aka the pillars of strength in an otherwise weak foundation provide greater resistance than the void between. Or another words, this verse this.

Wait now, that gives us an idea. What if Trump could help to put so many proverbial ‘2 x 4s’ in the wall, before an unthinkable departure, that no one would stand a chance to ever penetrate it. What is they just wasted 4 years trying? There’s a actually a way, at it’s actually happening already. General Flynn was the first of many that could upend what some call the Deep State or for sake of a better term, Government ‘lifers’ and insiders so entrenched in their own policies they don’t relate to us, the average American any longer. Those who’s policies Trump has spent 4 years demolishing…those that would like us back in the Paris Climate Accords, those that believe in never ending wars and those that helped spy on you, me and President Trump. Well, Dear President Trump, members of your party are calling on you to do some things ASAP, it might be a really good idea if you listen to them.

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As published on Breitbart and as the headline reads, “Republicans Urge Edward Snowden Pardon: ‘Trump Listening to Many of Us’ the article goes on to state, “In a recent spate of tweets, Republicans have been calling for President Donald Trump to grant clemency to National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden, with some believing his pardon is near. Putting Snowden’s act in perspective, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) defended the whistleblower’s revelations while calling for a pardon and branding James Clapper, then Director of National Intelligence, a liar.” That wasn’t where the calls for Snowden’s release ended however, it actually blew up into a Twitter firestorm.

On Senator Rand Paul’s Twitter he posted;

James Clapper brazenly lied to Congress denying that the Deep State was spying on all Americans. @Snowden simply revealed Clapper’s lies and exposed unconstitutional spying. He deserves a pardon from @realDonaldTrump!

For those of you that don’t recall what James Clapper stated, here’s a reminder:

Sen. Wyden: “Does NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?” James Clapper: “No sir … Not wittingly.”

Well, Snowden help as all to realize that simply wasn’t true and the 9th Circuit court confirmed:

9th Circuit in Sept: NSA’s Warrantless data collection (exposed by Snowden) violated FISA & Constitution.

So, if what he released was now proven true, wouldn’t Snowden be the perfect candidate for a Pardon from President Trump? Matt Gaetz and others seem to think so:

President Trump is listening to the many of us who are urging him to #PardonSnowden It’s the right thing to do.

Trump responds:

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But that’s not the only time Trump has indicated he is finally warming up to the idea of ‘releasing the resistance’, how about here in the New York Post Article titled, “Trump: ‘A lot of people’ think Edward Snowden ‘not being treated fairly’” were it is stated:

“When you look at [former FBI Director James] Comey and [former FBI Deputy Director Andrew] McCabe, and [former CIA Director John] Brennan — and, excuse me, the man that sat at this desk, President Obama, got caught spying on my campaign with [former Vice President Joe] Biden. Biden and Obama, and they got caught spying on the campaign,” Trump said.

Trump’s comments reflect a remarkable softening in his views about the man he once deemed a “traitor” worthy of execution. Republican lawmakers and the Justice Department’s inspector general recently highlighted misuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the secret FISA court to surveil former Trump adviser Carter Page.

“Snowden is one of the people they talk about. They talk about numerous people, but he is certainly one of the people that they do talk about,” Trump said on Thursday, before turning to his aides. “I guess the DOJ is looking to extradite him right now? … It’s certainly something I could look at. Many people are on his side, I will say that. I don’t know him, never met him. But many people are on his side.”

You see, Snowden is a perfect example of the 2 x 4 resistance that can help reinforce the wall of anyone who looks to destroy the ‘drywall’ of America First Trump has so carefully constructed. You can often tell how powerful the resistance is by the very responses they receive in the reaction to a potential pardon from, what some call, the ‘swamp creatures’ the light of exposure focused on. Let’s take for example Liz Cheney who stated:

Edward Snowden is a traitor. He is responsible for the largest and most damaging release of classified info in US history. He handed over US secrets to Russian and Chinese intelligence putting our troops and our nation at risk. Pardoning him would be unconscionable.

Matt Gaetz replies:

The Cheney ideology supporting forever wars puts more troops at risk than @snowden ever did.

It doesn’t end there however, here is one of my least favorite Government official, John Brennan replying to Senator Rand Paul:

Jim Clapper has had a lifetime of dedicated & selfless service to America. Edward Snowden betrayed his country, providing exceptionally sensitive intelligence to China & Russia. You consistently demonstrate utter ignorance of U.S. national security. You disgrace the Senate.

You see, it appears we may be onto something here. It appears the very foundation that Trump worked to destroy is very interested in assuring certain people remain out of there ‘wall’ for a long time to come, these unfortunate flies in the ointment of there potential administration.

Snowden himself is pleading Trump to add another proverbial 2 x 4 to the wall of resistance by releasing none other than….wait for it, Julian Assange! As found here on the Washington Times, “Snowden implores Trump to pardon fellow leaker Assange: ‘You alone can save his life'” We can do an entire broadcast on how Julian Assange become public enemy #1, but for sake of keeping this broadcast focused, let’s just remember WikiLeaks and the treasure trove of information provided that shined a very unfortunate light on many, many of those who may now rise again to newfound political ‘stardom’. Julian Assange himself, if after the torturous treatment he’s received allows him any remain mental faculties, would be an support to a wall of resistance that many would enjoy having back. Even MSNBC see’s this potential:

Is Trump Pardoning Julian Assange? Pastor Mark Burns’ Tweet Sends Rumors Flying

But if those two alone aren’t enough to make our case on how Trump, even after a departure, could through a detour in the way of any incoming administrations progress then we’ll close this off with just a few more ideas.

Let’s go in rapid fire:

As stated in the Washington Examiner article: Ratcliffe: Release interim Durham report to deter Biden from shutting down inquiry – “Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said an interim report from special counsel John Durham should be released as a deterrent against President-elect Joe Biden trying to shut down the federal prosecutor’s inquiry into the Russia investigation.”

Well it appears he may get exactly what he’s looking for, in this report from Fox News titled:

Special Counsel John Durham expanding team, making ‘excellent progress’: source

The article goes on to state:

“Special Counsel John Durham is expanding his team and making “excellent progress” on his investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, a federal law enforcement official familiar with the investigation told Fox News.

Fox News has learned that Durham, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut, who Barr appointed in October as special counsel, is adding prosecutors to his team.”

Well isn’t that unusual timing for a development immediately upon which time Bill Barr decides, according to Bloomberg:

Bill Barr Quit. What Finally Spooked Him?

Well, I don’t know, do you think maybe, just maybe the fact that and according to Talking Points Memo in an article titled:

Trump DOJ Has Been Investigating Hunter Biden Since 2018

Or as per the Wall Street Journal in an article titled:

Barr Worked to Keep Hunter Biden Probes From Public View During Election

It states: “The attorney general knew for months about investigations into Biden’s business and financial dealings”

No, guess that couldn’t have anything to do with it now would it?!

So with Snowden, Assange, The Durham Investigation and Hunter Biden all center stage you can begin to see how the ‘wall of resistance’ can quickly be formed to assure any form of a new administrations progress is being hindered. You can’t ever escape your past, it has a funny way of coming back to haunt you. But not to leave the man at the center of all this behind, we’ll close with these two articles:

Ratcliffe: We can’t declassify all of Russiagate’s secrets

Well, why not? Trump asked that you do. Now, he’s pushing that point even a bit harder as his aggravation and disappointment mounts, he may just be looking to end things once and for all:

On Daily Wire: President Trump Claims He Will ‘Declassify Everything’ Over Democrat ‘Lying’ And ‘Treason’ it states in the article “President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday that he intends to “declassify everything,” over his own apparent concern that the Department of Justice and Attorney General William Barr withheld information about an ongoing DOJ investigation into Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.”

Now, we hope you understand exactly how high the stakes are in the cat and mouse game between Trump and Biden and exactly how Trump is potentially preparing to build a wall that Biden has no change of penetrating.


God Speed and God Bless,

Justus Knight

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