Democrat Panic!…Just Before Midnight, Thanksgiving Eve…Everything Changed And Jan. 20th, 2021 May Now Be Decided!

November 27th 2020

By: Justus Knight

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On today’s broadcast:

Before the stroke of midnight Thanksgiving Eve there were things set in motion that will forever re-define U.S. history. A warning!!…once you hear these critical Constitution crisis events, you can never turn back from the reality that the path of our Republic has been altered. The spigot of truth has been opened and it pouring out all over America’s consciousness and it will forever leave its stain on the collective understanding of what may be defined as the biggest treason event in U.S. history. I will provide you the re-cap of what happened, but when I’m done, you will be digging for every last detail!

Again, this is a re-cap; we are going to rush through the blockbuster Rudy Giuliani Pennsylvania State Senate hearing, Sidney Powell’s 104 page Georgia filing, ANOTHER Georgia filing not mentioned anywhere else.

God Speed and God Bless,

Justus Knight

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9 replies

  1. The economic destruction coming from a second wave of “covid” lock downs combined with the civil unrest from all the lies the media will spin out of this contested election will usher in the last 8 years that looks as though it will commence on or about the 20th anniversary of 9/11:


  2. The economic destruction coming from a second wave of “covid” lock downs combined with the civil unrest from all the lies the media will spin out of this contested election will usher in the last 8 years that looks as though it will commence on or about the 20th anniversary of 9/11:


  3. I suggest everyone get ready FOR WAR,the food is being taken by the police gangs and DESTROYED,their attacking the farms and ranches,killing their animals and burning their crops..A FAMINE IS COMING,do any of you want to see your family STARVE TO DEATH,if these criminals are NOT STOPPED YOU WILL,and yes it will include a BLOODBATH WAR,Your own military will be helping them,NOT YOU,get ready,their gearing up to go door to door and inject you with TRUMPS SNAKE VENOM VACCINE…THE LORD says,IF YOU TAKE THE VACCINE,”HELL” BE BE YOUR HOME,you must be 100% human,or YOU DON’T GET INTO HEAVEN….MIKE POMPEO is bring in 10-20,000 un military troops a month,THEY know a shit storm is coming and they plan to hand america over to the CHINESE,who bought them cheap,YOU’VE BEEN SOLD OUT BY ALL OF THEM AMERICA,.YOUR GOVERNMENT IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE,INSIDE AND OUT,TOP TO BOTTOM.,THE LORD says there are no goods ones left in the government,THEY’VE ALL JOINED FORCES WITH THEIR SOON TO BE NEW DADDY SATAN…..when on earth will YOU wake up..THEIR STEALING YOUR FREEDOM AND ALL YOUR RIGHTS ,and your just standing watching them do it,DO NOT TAKE THEIR VACCINES OR THEIR TATTOO OF THE BEAST..OBAMA IS “THE SON OF PERDITION”…he will become the new leader of america soon,HES going to KILL IDIOT BIDEN AND THEN TRUMP..Its coming very soon..AND GO BUY A TENT,YOU’LL BE LIVING IN IT SOON,THE BIG SPACE ROCK IS COMING,their all waiting for its arrival,then all hell will break out in america,and magitude 12.2 earthquake is coming they know,yellowstone will erupt,THEIR READY ARE YOU???


    • It is not a space rock that is coming it is a galactic wave of energy that passes through the solar system evey 12,000 years. The evidence of these events were of great interest to Einstein, who died without figuring out how the poles can move to become equatorial. The maths did not allow for a planetary flip so he theorised that the movement could only have been in the earth’s outer layer, what we call the crust. Einstein had no idea how this was possible but today we know that the subduction zone below the crust is so highly affected by the galactic wave that it becomes like a liquid and allows the crust to float independently of the rest of the planet. This results in the crust rotating slightly slower than the planet and obviously the water maintains its velocity for a while which means it flows over the continents. while all this is taking place there are thousand mile long cracks at all the mantle edges spewing lava out. The lava contacting the water makes billions of tonnes of steam that block the sun and then the vapour is returned to the surface as snow….. for 50 years ! The crust also rotates in a way that sees the heavy ice mass of the south pole move to the equator due to centrifugal force. The wave is here now and the proof is the dramatic fall in the strength of the magnetic field around the earth that is underway. All of the planets in the solar system are displaying sudden changes and the one that will be most affected is the sun. It will react to the wave by blowing off it’s shell in a nova event, this will bombard the planets with material and the flash will burn the sun facing side of all the planets. This is what they were looking for on the moon… evidence of past nova, and they found it. The CIA classified the Chan Thomas book years ago that explains all of this…..They know….now you do too !!


  4. Good points. That comment is a gas man but the LORD told us, IF we’re listening in
    Isaiah 26: 20. Sabine shares her insights about the space rock –
    Finally, the “servant” shows us the book of truth is open at daniel11truth and there’s not much time left


  5. You must stand in awe of the Controllers. They have bought off and now own every City Council Member, every City Mayor, every Police Chief, every Prosecutor, every Judge, every State Congressman, every State Governor, every Federal Agency, all of The Federal Congress, along with every Supreme Court Justice.

    Game, Set, Match!!!!


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