election 2020

“I LIED”! Hillary Clinton Close Associate Just Admitted To Durham He Lied In Steele Dossier!

ANOTHER MAJOR LIE! Hillary Clinton Close Associate Just Admitted To Durham He Lied In Steele Dossier! To overlook this case is to overlook how, in real time, collusion, corruption and some would declare treason takes shape. How anyone can declare this is anything less than one of the most critical cases in American history is beyond imagination…but the only explanation could be the very real potential that nothing will come of it. That is truly the greatest tragedy. That does not mean we will cover it. Every effort must be given to expose this conspiracy!

Total TNT! Truth Is Out! Durham Danchenko Trial ‘Timeline Testimony’ Twist Turns To Trump And Traitor!

To not understand the testimony that was just given in John Durham’s trial against Igor Danchenko is to not understand the out and out corruption, influence and political weaponization of the FBI by agents of the Deep State. In any ‘normal world’ this would result in the complete dismantling of the agency. If that wasn’t enough however, there is an absolute TNT explosion in the trial…and it surrounds one date that NO ONE is talking about.

Just Plain Wicked! Mar-a-Lago’s 9/11, QAnon Connection Blown Open By Biden’s UNFORGIVABLE Decision!

Just Plain Wicked! Mar-A-Lago’s 9/11 – QAnon Connection Blown Open By Biden Regime’s Terrorist Negotiations! By watching the actions many within U.S. Government took during 9-11 ‘commemoration’ you witnessed the mass politicization of a tragedy turned into a domestic terrorism targeting…but that wasn’t enough. So during the Mar-a-Lago raid they negotiated with terrorists…but, that wasn’t enough. So the redacted voting rights documents and had the FBI comb through the comment threads…but that wasn’t enough. You want to hear what else they did…all in the last few weeks? Time to tune in and listen to what the loss of your liberties, your rights and ultimately your very freedom sounds like as so many sit back and ‘trust the plan’. The only plan being acted upon, is the whole of Government, running you over with their wheels of injustice!

U.S. Has Been Infiltrated! “Secret Sleeper” Cells Now Ready To “Wreak Havoc…From The Inside Out”

U.S. Has Been Infiltrated! “Secret Sleeper” Cells Now Ready To “Wreak Havoc…From The Inside Out” They are here, they are taking control and they are preparing for an attack that won’t be able to be stopped. The Democrats newest plan (already in action) to control the local, state and federal election results and ultimately government as a whole. Pretend to be a Republican to destroy from within!

They Got It! TRUMP INDICTMENT IMMINENT! Here’s Why Biden’s FBI Just Executed a 50+ Subpoena Dragnet!

Silently over the last 72 hours Biden’s FBI and DOJ have unleashed a dragnet of epic proportions on over 50 of Trump’s closest inner circle. The subpoenas issued now give crystal clarity as to what EXACTLY they are going after. Cheney and Pence are involved and many of the proceeding indictments of others now frame in exactly what they will be charging Trump with. His indictment is imminent and we will tell you here, exactly why!