election 2020

They’re Stealing The Election! Will The October Surprise Turn Into The December Disaster?!

Join Lisa Haven and Justus Knight as they discuss the Election 2020 disaster we are all now facing. With Trump calling for lawsuits and Biden assuming victory if anyone thinks this is over, it’s far from it; we are just getting started! Let’s cover the twist and turns and bring you up to speed on the race that is far from over but definitely December disaster in the making!

Eruption Day 2020 Is Here! Just Moments Before Election Day These Events Happen, Does This Signal A Winner Or War?!

The day has finally arrived, Eruption Day 2020! One of the most tumultuous years in our history culminates in a decision that can and will impact our future; no matter the outcome. A Republic divided (as they would like us to believe) hangs in the balance; will we be further divided or united? The only certainty that will come out of today’s election will be uncertainty. Although we hope and pray that a win so decisive occurs that our Nation will be put on a path towards healing; we have seen what the Media will do to assure that eventuality can never be realized. Here are just a few of the measures and manipulations now in place to prepare for what we know will be an Election Day Eruption unlike anything we’ve every seen…now, let’s hope we are grossly disappointed and a we have a true WINNER rather than the WAR we expect.

Election 2020 Déjà vu To 2016…With 1 HUGE Difference That Has Trump Grinning From Ear To Ear!

If you are watching the polls, the percentages and the politics of Election 2020, you’d swear you were having Déjà vu and straight back in 2016! There are so many parallels. Just take Joe Biden’s 10 to 11% lead (depending on what fraudulent poll you are seeing) about a month ahead of the election and you’d swear you were watching the main stream media report on Hillary Clinton’s 11 to 14% lead coming into the 2016 election. Early ballots favoring the Democrat candidate are also very much the same and can have you wondering if you are watching a repeat of the same old show. That however is if you don’t take into consideration one extremely important variable that is VERY, VERY different. A variable that no one could have seen coming and has Trump grinning from ear to ear!