Trump’s Makes Most Shocking Statement To Date. Brilliant Or Train Wreck Decision? Your Life Depends On It.

August 6th, 2020

By: Justus Knight

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On today’s broadcast:

Part 1:  This two part broadcast is by far one of the most critical Justus Knight has done to date.  It begins with a decision.  A decision by President Donald Trump that may be absolute brilliance, or one of the worst train wreck decisions he could ever make.  Our future truly depends on it, but it appears the magnitude is lost on most.  The MSM will most certainly hang him either way, but that is of little concern to institutions that have guided us flawlessly through the story of Covid.  They have assure you are reading each chapter in order and completely…but that leads us to Part 2.

Part 2 tomorrow at ( cannot be aired ANYWHERE but Restricted Republic!  This is the information our Restricted family has come to expect.  We are going to show you that if the Government truly cared about you (which they don’t), why are they now doing these SIMPLE, SAFE and EFFECTIVE mitigation measures to protect you from the evil Covid-19?  But that’s just the beginning…the bigger EVIL is the vaccine.  When we tell you what they haven’t done, what they haven’t told you and what is going to happen if they release it…you will be left not only speechless, but enraged.  And, you guessed it, it’s all being led by the Pied Piper of The Pandemic…Dr. Anthony ‘FAUX’i!

God Speed and God Bless,

Justus Knight

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