Lockdown Alert! The Crisis We All Feared Is Arriving Faster Than We Ever Imagined : Are You Ready?

IT’S OUT! U.S. Government Just Gave Away It’s UFO Alien Secret And We Are In far Worse Trouble Than Imagined! I am not here to declare UFOs or Aliens or Demons don’t exist; rather, the US Government’s recent move towards ‘disclosure’ is not identifying any of the above…but rather is a cover for something no one is discussing. Well, until the Pentagon and China make near simultaneous announcements that puts the hold narrative to rest. It is far worse than we are being told (I know, no surprise) and the consequences are catastrophic!

SHOCKING! Spanish Inquisition Part II Up For Congressional Approval! The Covid Coup Coming To You!

A shocking set of new laws is before the Spanish Congress. What if your Government proposed that in time of ‘crisis’ they can seize your assets, draft you into the military, lock you down…and there was NO END DATE. What if they could do this based on a simple ‘new flu strain’…well it’s up for approval. The forever Covid-Coup is upon us and Governments across the world are seizing on the opportunity to control YOU forever! Here’s how.

Biden’s Got Big Trouble! Hunter – Wuhan – EcoHealth Alliance Bombshell Link Exposed! Followed By…You’ll Own Nothing And Be Happy About It!

Biden’s got big trouble! Hunter link to EcoHealth Alliance and Wuhan now exposed. That’s right, he invested in Covid-19. Here’s why however, the general public may NEVER learn about it…it’s called Agenda 2030 and the Demoncrats will follow their masters before they’ll ever let you know the truth. Love, family and God will always take a back seat to their evil and the agenda to promote it!