John Durham the ‘Avenging Angel’?!  It All Depends, Just Ask FBI, CIA, KKK, Mob(s) & Robert Mueller!!

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After our last blockbuster video one question was resounding: who is John Durham?  You ask, we responded by creating this video on who some have termed the “Avenging Angel” and we call the silent badass.  A man who has taken on the Mob (ok Mobs), FBI, CIA, KKK, Drug Cartels and even Robert Mueller himself (how he’s not in jail for it we will never know).  His history is awe inspiring but even more shocking is the fact that you will see article after article and statement after statement that say he IS NO PARTISAN.  This fact can never be forgotten in light of what he is now investigation…the weaponization of the Intelligence apparatus by an Administration against U.S. citizens.

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