IG Horowitz Slips Up While Testifying: Deep State And Each Of Us Need To Heed His ‘Unintentional’ Warning! 

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Did you watch the IG Horowitz testimony?  Don’t worry if you didn’t, we did it for you!  Without any question there are extremely significant takeaways and some fundamentally Nation changing events.  You see, our Intelligence Community has seized control of due process, that have hi-jacked freedom and they are running over our liberties like they don’t exist.  The WEAPON of the Intelligence apparatus is aimed at each of us.  There are three items in the testimony that you can’t afford to miss…the first is that NO WHISTLEBLOWERS came forward during the entire preparation to alert the Inspector General of any wrong doing…he had to find it on his own, that is how deep the corruption goes.  The next to will have you seeing red as he offered one in his public testimony, as he slipped up and gave the warning that all naysayers need to heed.

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